It's finally here! The reveal of my finished office!

I moved into my house in September and I've been working on this room since July. That's right - before I even had the key. I measured it out, drew the floor plan, searched for each furniture piece online and envisioned exactly how I dreamed it would be.

This room is one of the main reasons I bought my house. The house was built in 1954 and this was the original living/dining room. It is the front room of the house and you walk directly into it from the front door (right of the frame in the above photo). Since the house had an addition of a family room put onto the back of it in the 90s, this front room is ideal for my home office.

To give you an idea of the changes that I've made, here are two before and after shots:
During the renovation in August, these are the changes I happily paid my contractors to make:

- new wood flooring
- painted the room a pale yellow (Benjamin Moore Philadelphia Cream) with one accent wall in red (matched from a wall clock I have)
- interior window trim put in to frame out the windows
- recessed lights put in throughout the room
- an outlet installed in the floor under the sofa
- changed out the chandelier for a fan I brought over from the last house

The room is naturally divided into two spaces. This is my client meeting space:
The only things in the above photo that I brought over from my last home office space were the sofa, the framed photo next to the door, the red vase, the albums and some of the stuff in the red cabinet. Everything else is new and picked specifically for this space. Since I know you'll probably ask, here is a list of where I got the furniture:

Found Boutique Store - tufted chairs & bombay chest
Crate & Barrel - red glass-front cabinet - red leather ottoman
Pottery Barn - rug, black end tables, lamps and fabric for yellow pillows

I fell in love with these tufted chairs and they determined a lot of the other choices for the space.
I love that the room afforded me plenty of wall space for large canvases:
The thing that took the longest was deciding what to hang on the walls! I finally hung the eight small canvases on either side of the red cabinet Friday!
The other space at the far end of the room is our workspace. I brought everything in this space over from the last house except one little additional section to the desk. I love how the red accent wall book-ends the room in red (the opposite wall has the red cabinet) and really draws your eye to the shelves of photos.
I outfitted the windows with these custom wood blinds from Home Depot:
Dixie loves the office because one of the windows is the perfect height for her to keep an eye on the neighborhood:
I can't believe how much work went into this room but it was definitely worth it! I love how it turned out!
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