Leslie - can you tell me where you got the blocks that spell out "you are my sunshine" ? my grandfather sang that song to me before he passed away so its special :)
Jan Cleveland - Hi Melissa. Congratulations! You did a GREAT job!! This room is beautiful and so relaxing. Enjoy your new space!!!
Mike - That lil girl Dixie just barely reaches that window...she is so cute!
brian - wow the room looks stunning! well worth the work im sure. love your photos!
John - Beautiful...great workspace and meeting area! Great work as usual.
Jennifer - Love it!! The large canvases are amazing. Totally inspiring. Where did you find the sunshine block piece? It's great!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - As expected, you knocked it out of the park!!! ADORE the tufted chairs! I love armless chairs, my in-laws don't like them b/c they're old and need help getting up. Form or function is always my biggest struggle! I simply ADORE your desk organizer/setup with the filing cabinets and tops .... where are they from?
Regina White - I agree with being a interior designer. Do it as a side job when you have to off time from photographing. This space is great. Love the Red!
Holly - with a workspace like that, it must be a joy to come to work every day! :))) you did a fabulous job! so inviting!!!
Michelle - I love Dixie looking out the window!
Linda M - I love your use of space - on the floor and on the walls. Less is more. I love how you design and incorporate your living and work spaces together. Well done!!
Rachael Earl - Well, if the photography gig ever doesn't work out (ha!) you could totally be an interior designer :)
Amanda - Wow! The new space looks amazing. I'm drooling over those huge canvases!
Liz - WOW!!! What an amazing and creative visionary you are to transform an old living room into a beautiful, comfortable, professional and yet very workable office. I love the pictures you have on the wall. The small colorful wraps are very eye popping. I was curious how you decided on your images, especially the images for the large wraps... why you decided to choose them from the same event? Not an easy task with so many beautiful images to choose from.
Brian Davis - That looks awesome and very elegant. I'm in the process of redoing my office as well and you've given me a few ideas!
Jenni - It is awesome! You can come over and do my office anytime friend!
Lynn Cobb - You can definitely tell how much work and thinking went into that room. Great Job Melissa!
Dennis Bullock - It looks wonderful Melissa!
Brittani - Holy gorgeousness! I love all of the thought that went into each of your decisions (big and small), and how it perfectly matches everything about your brand! I also checked out the family room and it's just as awesome! I'm thinking you need to pick up some interior design gigs on the side!
Vicki - Wow! I love it. It looks so streamed lined but cozy.
MelissaFoscardo - Love this room! All of your thought and hard work show. Just lovely. I love the picture of Dixie stretching to check out the world. So stinkin' cute! Is she a miniature schnauzer?
heather - Looks great Melissa! I bet is so nice to have so much room now.
maggie - looks awesome Melissa! It looks like Dixie needs a little bench to look out the window :) but that might lead to some nose prints on the windows!
Diana Carver - Look great! I wish my office was that well organized! :)
Chris - Looks awesome MJ! Your computer chair doesn't look very ergonomic for long sessions at the desk though =(
Scott - Looks awesome!! I *really* like your desk... do you remember where you got it?
Julie D. - Love it, Melissa! nice job! I'm sure your clients will feel right 'at home'.
Danielle Panettiere - Your Office is Amazing. Wow!! I love all of the different pictures you have displayed for clients.
Elizabeth - What a beautiful workspace and meeting area you have created. I would definitely love going to work even more each day if it meant coming to a space like this. Makes me want to 'warm' up my office even more! Thanks for sharing and good work! I love the big canvases.
Brooke - Wow it looks wonderful! I think that's one of the hardest things about hanging photos... choosing which ones to do. :)
Noa - Melissa - wow wow wow! I absolutely LOVE how it all came together. The canvases are delicious and I think my favorite pieces are the tufted chairs and the bombay chest :) I just moved a couple of months ago and I finally have an office.... But I have NO clue how to decorate it. Ugh! Happy Monday.... Noa
Regis Chen - Your office looks great Melissa! It was great to see you in Vegas.
Kate - It looks amazing. You did a beautiful job! Love the Philadelphia Cream color especially being from Philadelphia. I am going to have to look into that color.
taylorhaynie - I LOVE it! Looks gorgeous!!!
Chaminda - Awesome!!! Congratulations on getting your place very nice.
Tina - Well your hard work paid off, it looks AMAZING! Makes me want to totally re-do my space also:)
Jim Blanco - It looks fantastic Melissa, what a lovely place, Congrats!
Denise - Looks AWESOME! Fantastic job creating a space that reflect you AND your brand. Love it :-)
erin duggin - It looks amazing! So happy for you Melissa!
Rupa - How much is that doggie in the window? (sounds better if you sing it!) ; ) Beautiful as all your stuff always is! LOVE the antique blocks -- how unique!
Emiy - I love your office!
Jason Thon - It looks beautiful Melissa!
Julyssa - Seriously beautiful!!! I love your taste in decoration :)
Tira J - Hi MJ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new home office and client space. I appreciate how well thought out it is and so put together. You did a phenomenal job. I loved the space in your old house too, but this is AWESOME! And I love the window for Ms. Dixie Dog. xoxo
Yen - you have done beautifully! i'm sure it's such a huge relief to have it finished and looking amazing! :)
Keith Powel - Love it! Um, I think you really need to get a stool for Dixie.
Julie Branyan - Melissa, you did such a fabulous job decorating your home. My husband and I are buying our first house and I hope to do half as well decorating. :)
Esther - Ooohh!!! I have completely fallen in love with your office. How I'd love to work in a lovely place such that :)))
Stephanie - Looks awesome Melissa!! Yay! I think I see a pic of me & Graham displayed! : )
donna - Fantastic!!!
Spring - It looks beautiful!!!! I am totally envious of those chairs :)