Thursday, April 05, 2007

Greg & Shannon's Engagement Shoot

Today I took a day trip up north to Jerome and Prescott with my friends Shannon & Greg. Shannon has been a close friend for over 10 years and a roommate for part of that time. And she and Greg are getting married in August! I'm really excited for them. They are perfect for each other and kept me entertained all day with their plethera of "Friends" quotes that they rattle off whenever appropriate.

It was really fun shooting in the town of Jerome. There's SO many cool places there--everything is old and quaint and the town is built into the side of a mountain.

First we started out having lunch in this cute cafe:

Then we just walked around the town and had fun shooting:

Greg has some interesting poses he tried out for me. I guess he felt free to be his goofy self:

Shannon is gorgeous. Not sure how Greg scored her. But well done Greg :). She has beautiful hair and coloring and I love her smile and cheek bones. She looked great in every photo but I thought these next two were amazing:

Jerome was full of color. I love this orange VW van:

Then we moved on to Prescott and ended up just shooting a little there before finding this great Pizza place where we ate dinner. Here's a few of my faves from our time in Prescott:

What a fun day! Love you guys!

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Andy Andrews said...

I absolutely love Jerome. Growing up in Prescott, I spent lots of time there. You could spend days there photographing that town.

Great job!

9:11 AM

Shannon said...

Wow!!! I love, love, love them!!! Thanks friend!

9:32 AM

Jamie Hammond Photography said...

They look great! See you in August Shannon!

12:30 PM

Daniel & Jess said...

cute cute cute!!!! i keep telling daniel about that great jerome!!! yet have not taken him YET!!!! =0)
Again a WONDERFUL job my FRIEND!!! =0)

3:52 PM

Howard & Kristin said...

Love getting your newletter Melissa! I am often looking through your client photos and I just love to stumble upon former "highschool" students from way back BCC days!
Shannon you look just lovely with your future hubby!!! Congrats!

8:29 PM

Lindsay said...

You are amazing Mel...great photos!!! And you are right, Shan does look absolutely beautiful in every single one of them!!!! I especially love the way you caught the light shining through her eyes like in the one where Greg is making that silly face and kissing her on the cheek :) I wish I was getting married again (to the same boy, of couse) so that you could do all our photos!!! You ROCK!!!

3:00 PM


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