Monday, September 25, 2006


Life gives us so many reasons to celebrate. I love that I get to work at other people's celebrations. Weddings are positive and joyous.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I never cease to be startled and saddened by some of the really dark, hard realities of life. I was talking with my friend Jessica the other day about some of the hard things we and other friends have been through just in the past few years. It's unbelieveable to me how many really heart-wrenching things happen just to me and people I love, not to mention all the things we hear about other people living through on the news.

I read a paraphrase of Revelation 22:4-5 today:

"Some day all of the darkenss will lift, and we will need no candle, no sun, for the Lord God will be our light. We will see His face, His name will be on our forehead, and we will reign with him forever and ever."

Thank God for such a hope! This is the reality we were created for.

I was just really encouraged by this verse today and wanted to share it with you.



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