tim riddick - this is a great high school senior session... i am really diging the old mustang shots!
Tracy Woodger--Broz - I LOVE these! Sweet job, Sara.
Brooke Summer Photography - Sara - awesome work! How exciting. :)
Giovanna - Sara...nice work! Is she applying to Belmont University??? :-)
BruceB - Awesome shots Sara! Congrats on the new responsibilities at MJP!
Kristin Nicole - So fun!
Dennis - Fantastic!
Rachel Tatem - I love how relaxed she seems... so at ease
Megan Refner - Yay Sara!! I love these photos. However, I must shriek at the 6am!! Oh well...what we won't do for some great shots!
Tira J - LOVE LOVE LOVE this session, all of this great!!! Sara + Seniors + MJ = awesomness!!!! Trying to recall our lunch together in June.....yep, this is what we talked about! Can't wait to see more! xoxo
Tina - Great news Sara and Melissa - so excited for you both!!
Alex Evjen - These are awesome! Great job!