Michelle Meyer - Wow, that story was really powerful, and beautifully written by Kindra. I am kind of shaken right now by it, honestly.
Kevin - Great story; amazing people....thanks for sharing, Melissa :)
Karen Shinkins - Amazing family. And a story told so beautifully.
Mary - Beautiful story--thanks for sharing. I know how special that auntie bond is. I can completely relate to that dread that comes with asking for anything. I"m glad you did and shared this phenomenal cause and opportunity for giving.
Lynn Cobb - Wow! Not only beautifully written but amazingly educational as well!
Holly - so beautifully & eloquently put, kindra. wow, wow, wow.... such an amazing story of courage and love. so blessed right now. thank you. :)
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - You and your sis look insanely alike in her younger pics! Too beautiful! :)
Brooke Summer Photography - Wow, what an amazing story! Good luck Melissa!
Rachel Tatem - Thanks for sharing something so intimate