Marco van Asperen - Every once in a while, surfing many websites, forums and blogs, you come across a really helpful tip, brilliant in its simplicity. This is such a rare gem and I am glad I was fortunate enough to find it.
Rob - Great tip…thanks! :-)
Mark Martinez - This is a phenomenal tip Melissa! And one that many new photographers have probably never thought of. Because I shoot the reception at f/2 I have learned to rely on the infra red focus assist to nail focus in the dark. Works very well on my Nikon equipment.
Paul - Great idea - will give that one a go!
Marvin - Melissa, this post takes me back to the old film days with manual focus. Back then you had depth of field markings on the lens and you could judge your distance from the subject and dial it in and fire away! Great post!
Niki Flynn - Hey there cute girl... I think I spy you right in the mirror in the shot above... love it!! These posts are so great, and such a good refresher the night before a wedding. Thanks so much Melissa! xox
NRichard - Great info! I don't know what I'd do without back button focus. Great photos!
Aby Rouhi - Thank you dear Melissa Jill ,you give me great tips same as alwayes.Thank you.
Pavol Delej - Fantastic tips!!! All of them, I love them!!! Thank you!! Can I ask what shutter speed did you set for these technique?
Catherine - Seriously...these have been the most helpful things I have read in a LONG time. You have helped me tremendously! THANK YOU!
Mariann Bruderer - Thanks for the tips. Could you help me learn how to have a sharp focus when the bride is walking into the altar? using the back button. thnx.
Mike Graham - Great tips as always!!
Lindsay Pack - GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the trick!!!!!!!!!!
Kristin Nicole - I am not sure what I did before I started using back button focusing.
Holly - "...resisting the urge to slam my camera into the ground..." LOL. too funny annnnnnd a great tip! :D
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - I use this trick ALL_THE_TIME!!!!! People think I'm crazy when I focus on a candle in the dark, but whatev. It works!!!!
Rachel Tatem - Thank you once again for sharing your insight. I'll get to work practicing!