Calvin Hill - As my business slowly brings in revenue, you can be certain I will be attending. Looks like some photogs did some great learning.
karina lange - WOW - looks like a lot of fun!!!
Cathleen Schmidt - I'm so grateful to have been a part of this experience! Thanks Melissa for sharing your insight and time with all of us :)
Tracy Woodger-Broz - I miss the porch already! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for coming to CO and being your amazing self. I loved every bit of it!
Keith Powell - You're cowboy boots are the bomb!
Rachel Tatem - In CO now but not in Boulder but jealous of all those who were!
Michael Sharman - Looks like it was great fun! Quick question Melissa, did you process the B+W images at the top a little differently this time? They look a little more contrasty :)
Allison - Well look at you, Melissa, all stinkin' cute with your sweet boots! :) Your photos make me want to take a vacation at that home!
Brian Walter - WOW! Looks like an awesome time!! I love the tracks in the grass very Andrew Wythe!
Brooke Summer Photography - What an awesome experience, thank you so much Melissa! BTW, love the boots. ;)
Jenni - Looks like a blast! I used to live in Boulder, so it makes me miss those summer days...
Andrea Brewster Photography - Oh gosh.... This has me so stinkin' excited for the Phoenix 2 Day! Almost makes me wanna do the pee pee dance!
Katie Derus - okay A) THANK YOU again for being amazing and heading to CO and being such a great teacher. 2) you make CO look so amazing here without even heading up into the mountains... nice job! and 3) Claire in that last photo is HILARIOUS! :)