Liz - Hi, this may sound dumb, but do you attach the umbrella bracket to the light stand and then the accessory shoe mount? Where do you hang the battery pack? Is the second battery pack for back up or for the main flash on the camera?
Melissa Jill - Hi Liz -- Yes, that's correct. The umbrella bracket is attached to the light stand then the shoe mount is attached to the top of the umbrella bracket. I hang the batter pack off of one of the knobs on the umbrella bracket. And the 2nd battery pack is for the main flash on my camera. Hope this helps!
Matt - Have a question regarding your off camera flash. Do you set the ZOOM? if so, how and set to what? I reference a standard wedding dancefloor w/ the off camera flash like you mentioned. Just wondering about the zoom
Melissa Jill - Hi Matt! Thanks for your comment. No, I leave the zoom alone and let it adjust based on the lens on the camera.
Sam - HI Melissa . Awesome post. Just what i was looking for. However, when i set my off camera speedlight, away from my subject and take a shot, the external flash does not have a sparkle effect as the one in your example, its just a burst of light fill. Would it be possible to have the sparkle effect on the speedlight?
Shruti Thundiyil - This series is so helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this! I do have one quick question though. While I'm understanding your set-up perfectly, I am wondering if the additional lighting distracts from the already existing light at the wedding/the ambiance? I'm still young enough (21!) that I haven't been to any weddings so I was just curious about that. Thanks! :)
Melissa Jill - Hi Shruti! Because the flash units fire so quickly, they really don’t impact the existing lighting and ambience of the reception. So that's a plus!
Violet - Hi Melissa, thank you so much for all this guidance, in such a competitive market, you are a breath of fresh air.
Jayne - You are so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing. I am also curious if you use a battery pack for the on-camera flash as well as the OCF. Thanks so much!!
Tiffany Jensen - Hi Melissa- I'm a little late to the party, but I'm glad to have found your series on flash photography and I've found it very helpful. Question: in order to have your ocf set to M, and your on-camera flash set to ttl, do you have to use the pocket wizard or similar device or can you use the master/slave wireless signal? I've never used opposing functions before, and my wireless unit only allows for M function. Thanks!
Melissa Jill - Hi Fernando, I assume you mean that you are using infrared to trigger your strobes? Regardless of what you use to trigger, it will work the same. I usually set the height to around 9 feet. Hope this helps!
Fernando - Hi, very interesting lessons, thanks, just a question, if i have for a ocf a strobe, it works the same? My strobs can read the second flash, has the ability to read the flash after the preflash , and at what heigth you set the ocf? Thanks for your help. Fernando
Paul - Thanks for sharing - definitely one of the most challenging aspects of shooting a wedding!
Mike - Hi if the OCF is on manual and set to 1/64, I set my camera to ISO400, 1/15th, F4.0, EV for flash +1.0 and the take a picture of someone on the dance floor and the light is perfect....lets say you want to shoot at F2.0 for better subject isolation, do you drop down your ISO too?
Somsi - I really like this blog post, it has some great info. Thank you and keep up good work
Sara - Thanks for making these tips so clear and concise! I've read a lot of tips on OCF, but yours are very easy to understand. Thank you for sharing!
roberto Farren Photography - great advice in there and a very similar setup to the one i use!
Karen - Great series. I shoot OCF and one problem I have is that if I"m shooting toward the OCF my main flash thinks more light is coming in then there really is which results in an underexposed image. You seem to be able to shoot directly toward the flash, judging from your examples, without that problem. And you are in ETTL? Can you help explain that or will that be part of your next installment? Thanks so much!!!
Melissa Jill - Hey Karen - Hmm...I don't have that issue. My exposure is consistent regardless of whether or not I have the OCF in my composition. Maybe try increasing your flash compensation for your on-camera flash?
moraima - you are great, thanks for all these posts. Many of these things I have done (learned from you as well) or tried, but now they make sense. Now I understand the reasoning behind it. Can't wait to go and try it again now that everything makes sense. :-)
dawn - Hi Melissa, How do you use the battery pack with your on camera flash. I am thinking this could solve the problems I have been having with my pocket wizards and flashes!
Paul - AWESOME information! Thanks! For some reason your "Part 2" links to "Part 7" in your links.
Tammie - All awesome information! Thanks for sharing!!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Thanks, MJ! I'm still struggling w/ the PW at the bottom of the camera to fire the remote light, but it sounds like I need a cord, which I don't think I've been using. Thanks for the tip! :)
Casey Figlewicz - Nice one Melissa!! Great info :)
ashley barnett -!! Thank you thank you!!!
Gina - Thanks for this series, Melissa! Love it! I need help with a battery pack for Nikon flashes (SB600,800,900) do you know if that exists? Tried google and now I think I am more confused. Thanks.
Melissa Jill - Hi Gina! You can use the same batter pack for Nikon speedlights, you just need a different cord. Here's a link to the one for Nikon's on B&H:
Allison - I will always learn from these posts of yours, Melissa! :) One question - do you always shoot into your OCF? If you change positions so that you're not shooting into your OCF, how does that affect your on-camera settings? Thanks! :)
Willy - Thank you Melissa for great articles. I was wondering, in one of your comment in one of your previous article (I couldn't find it), on how you were able to keep the ISO low when you use off flash in low light environment. I believe the answer is the on camera flash? Off camera flash only (without ocf) will not do the job right?
Rachel Tatem - Thank you again: I really appreciate all this input OCF is the death of me... I have read some but nothing quite makes it clear.
Toni Gundlach - Melissa your flash series has helped me so much! One quick question, Do you turn off the ocf if you are walking around taking table shots of the guests?
connie - thanks you so much for these! This is something i'm trying to master...and you've been very helpful!!! <3