Diana Gunning - Melissa, here I thought I was the only zany person in the world. I had a lovely birthday party for my tea cup poodle Hookie back in the day with all our friends. It was so much fun. Now I do bunny tea parties. Quite a lot of fun too. Loved the pics, the doggies look great in their group shot.
Vanessa - How fun!!!! Leo would have loved this!!!
april - How sweet! Being a schnauzer owner, I can't get enough of the Dixie photos! We just took a dog treat making class & learned how to make pupcakes, so I think a b-day party is mandatory for our pups this year :) Happy birthday Dixie!!
Maggie - All of your pictures -- especially the posts with pictures of Dixie -- make me SMILE BIG!!
jennifer hague - Wow, I havent been to anyones blog in awhile.. but you were the first one I wanted to check on! Can I just say I would like you to throw Remington's birthday party next year??? He has a pawty every year too, but its always in January... brrr! I just love these photos. Gorgeous. Happy Birthday Dixie Dog!
Heidi kuzniak - Totally adorable!!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - oh goodness!
Rich Park - what a great idea! looks like it was tons of fun!
Danielle Panettiere - LOVE, LOVE,LOVE this post! So cute. I'm sure Dixie was one happy puppy. :)
Emily - Your Heart's Desire - SOOOOO adorable. I so wish Briley and I could have made it. Happy Birthday Dix!! You sure do have an awesome doggie momma! <3
Kristen - Love it! Happy Birthday Dixie Dog!
Regis Chen - Just when I thought I have seen it all, and now this... a stylized doggie birthday party :)
Heather Rega - I love Dixie's eye lashes! Happy Birthday, pretty girl!
Jenni - You are so stinking adorable my friend! What a fun party!! Happy Birthday Dixie!!!
Jenna - What a cute idea! Think this will work if you have cats?? ;-)
Giovanna - So sweet! Are you aware that Sara could be your sister??
Susan - HOW FUN! The group shot at the end just made ME howl! Dixie and the whole eyelash thing is soooo chic. That meaty chick on the red couch--mooove ova', Big Girl. Loved the post! XXOO
courtney - LOL This is the most cuteness I've ever seen in a blog post!! It kind of reminds me of the episode of Full House where they had a birthday party for Comet! Haha. Yes, I just referenced Full House. ;)
Brooke - That is too flippin' cute! I've always wanted to throw a doggy birthday party but time just seems to go so fast!
jackie g. photog - so adorable!! :)
Tira J - What a FUN party!!! Happy Birthday Miss Dixie Dog! Love the images.
Michelle Sidles - I love what a kooky dog owner you are! Our golden's FIRST birthday is in a couple weeks and we planned on celebrating, too. NOW though I'm thinking I'm going to have to take the party up a notch or two! ;)
Alex Evjen - Love the photos! We had a wonderful time! Wendy enjoyed her cupcake too. =)
Teo - Too cute! Happy Birthday Dixie!
Kate - I love love love it. I was looking forward to seeing how the party went. Looks like a total success.
Diana Carver - That's cute! Looks like the dogs had fun!
Lisa Green - Happy Birthday Dixie!
heidi @ idieh design - So cute! Maybe next year Trey and I can make it out to celebrate Dixie's birthday! :)
Mike - What a fun party for Dixie!! Like the group shot:)