Suzanne - Wow, I got Jesus Calling on Saturday and feel like it's such a powerful message that you've been reading it too! I read your blog regularly and really enjoy it a lot, thank you so much!
Kirsten Leah - THANK YOU for liking The Biggest Loser. I've been hooked religiously since about season three. I can't find anyone to watch it with me because they all say it's too cheesy or too drawn-out or the contestants cry too much. And I tell them crying and eating are what fat people do best and tell them to shush while I'm waiting through the beeps until their weight shows on the scale. So I guess they have a point but I don't care. You can text me when you watch it--I'll be your sounding board. Im pretty opinionated about it, though, so I hope I agree with you :)
Linda - I've been reading Jesus Calling this year too. The reason I started is because in January, one of my high school classmates had a massive stroke (at age 38!), and her sister Kristen (a photographer) was reading Jesus Calling and found that each entry spoke directly to what they were dealing with as my classmate's life hung in the balance. Kristen has blogged a lot about how much the book has meant to her, and Sarah Young ended up calling her a few weeks ago to encourage her! Here are links to a couple entries from her blog that tell more of the story: and Anyways, it's a great book!
Tira J - My Mom gave me the Jesus Calling book and it is so awesome. Spending time with HIM is so valuable. Good luck with the plant. I hear if you talk to it......JK. :)
Amy Yellis - You are awesome. :) I LOVE the Biggest Loser too! I watch it every Wednesday morning before I go to the gym. Its such an encouragement. Since January I've lost about 7 pounds and I'm back down to wedding-weight. Next goal is high school weight in about 10 pounds.
Amory - Loved this post. I think it is beautiful how you seamlessly combine you, your faith, your life into your work. Love it!
YGuerrero - I love coming to your blog and always find great info + great inspiration for life & business, thankU Melissa! keep up with the daily working out idea and let us know how you feel ;)
Emily - Melissa-- I believe Edy's make a Saoma's Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream. From one Samoa lover to's epic and totally worth a try. :)
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - In our neck of the woods, those cookies are called caramel delights ... but they're the best! Growing up we'd get bunches, and freeze them. So they wouldn't tempt so much. And you can't eat those frozen or you'll crack a tooth! Also, RE: plants. You might be able to sustain a ZZ plant. They need water like once a month. And can grow in the dark. Truly. My mom has killed every plant known to man, but has kept one alive for 5+ years (ok, I water it when I go to their house every 4-6 weeks, which is why it's alive today, but still. It's a great easy plant).