claire - can you share with us where you get the kit materials or the designer you used! Thanks your website is sooo helpful!
JamieY - This is so helpful thank you. It is definitely something I want to start doing and I was curious how to get them submitted.
Stacey Hemeyer - You never do anything that isn't incredible and so professional! This is such great information! Thanks so much Melissa!
Brooke - Excellent information, thank you so much! How the heck do you put together a book like that?
Kelly Green - Great post Melissa!! I wish more UK mags would partner with 2 bright lights, I have taken your advice & persevered which is starting to pay off - 2 local wedding mag features and one UK wedding blog feature : )
Heather Brulez - Brilliant information! Thank you for always sharing.
cameron clark | c+k studios - insanely amazing booklet idea. Seriously, girl what DON'T you have an amazing idea for?
Brigita - Love this post - am reading photography blogs like crazy to get information, inspiration and to get to know friends photographers. But this is one of the best post I read for a while. Thank you for sharing with all of us. WISHING YOU THE BEST, Brigita
Noa - Melissa - great post! I don't really shoot weddings, but it was still a very interesting read. I wonder how us portrait photographers could get publicized? I have some great children/family shots I would love others to see!
Gail - Melissa, you continually blow me away with your knowledge, your MAD business skills, your professionalism and your willingness to give back to all of us you call your peers. Love to you! (and thanks for this!)
Tina - GREAT post, Melissa! Definitely bookmarking this one to add it to my workflow!
Melissa Jill :) - Hey Allison - it was designed by a local designer and printed at Steve Woods - a local printer. Any printer could do them you just have to have them designed and pick out the material.
Allison Marie - Thanks for this great post, MJ! Would you mind sharing who printed those great booklets with the cd holder in the back from?!