Linda M - These are beautiful pictures - very well thought out. I believe you totally captured this couple and their wedding!
Travis Williams - great great story to present this post... love all the history and I love that you took the time to know this couple and why their story was unique and special. Great photos to go with it too. Good job you!
Sarah Neal Photography - This is my favorite set you've done. That first shot is KILLER! Well done Melissa!
Mindy - VVBC Wedding Consultant - MJ: you are completely amazing! Since I only see the ceremonies from that little back window, I look forward to seeing the pics... and I actually feel like i am there... my favorite is Ali & her father praying before she comes down... and I am positive it will be hers! thanks for sharing and you are always welcome at VVBC!
Brittani - That first image of them is gorgeous, and the black & white of them looking at each other as they walk down the aisle is priceless and made me tear up. What a happy couple!
desiree - Ok, good thing you were doing the photos and not me because I would have choked up at the part where the bride prays with her father at the back of the isle. I got choked up just looking at these photos!
Maria Nissen - Well, that was pretty spectacular, Melissa.
Lisa G. - Love seeing the photos of my cousin Ali and her beau Brandon. Can't wait to see more family shots!
Denver Photographer - Dude those cuff links are awesome!!!!
Amie Lee - What a PRICELESS story!! The images are stunning. :)
Stacy - It was an awesome wedding. Made me cry watching my cousin marry Ali. I always knew we'd be family. Looking through the pictures and watching the slide show makes me want to cry all over again. WONDERFUL job! Thank you for capturing each moment beautifully. LOVE it SO much. =0)
denise karis - your black and whites are stunning!!
Liz - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, MJ!!! I don't know how to choose a fav when all the photos look so wonderful!
Dallas - Yay. It's finally wedding season again!! Excited to see the the blog posts roll in!!!
Rich Park - are you kidding me!? this is one amazing post, LOVE ALL THE SHOTS!
Becky - You are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G again! My favorite is definitely the limo shot. Gorgeous!
Caitlyn - I love the yellow & navy! I'm going to have to recommend that to a friend of mine :) Gorgeous as always Melissa, you are such an ispiration!
Stephanie - Stunning. I love everything and her dress is gorgeous! Plus, I'm a big supporter of World Vision -- good for them to donate to them as a favor! Very cool.
mandiimae - melissa! i love this wedding! their story is so cute! you shot this wedding saturday? dang, i'm jealous of how fast you are...
Holly - LOVE their idea of giving to world vision in honour of each guest..... gave me chills. :D
Nicole - Beautiful and awe inspiring as always!
Lynn Cobb - I think that is one of my favorite blog posts because the emotions just oooozed out of the photos. Boy, it looks like they had fun. What a great day!
Taryn Bills - It was a beautiful wedding. Your photos are incredible. Our crew loved shooting with you as always!! I'm sorry about your injury I saw it on FB!! OUCH!!
Keri Doolittle Photography - Both of her dresses are BEAUTIFUL!! Awesome images Melissa!!
Brian Davis - Beautiful shots as always Melissa!
Sandra Jackson - Beautiful as always MJ! Your work is always so inspiring!
Jenni - Beautiful as always. You wouldn't even know it was such yucky weather. You are a genius friend!! Ali and Brandon are so lucky! Hugs!