Samuel - I was going to say I love the shots on the train and then I saw the shot under the circular roof... awesome!
Travis Williams - this is a great set... a tad different than I've seen from you in the past. fun stuff.. great use of the train (and the themed shoot).
Denver Photographer - Looks like you guys had a ton of fun on the train.... suprising that the people in the background look entertained too.
Megan - We really love these Melissa! Really captures us! Thanks so much! Can't wait to work with you at the wedding!
Sara - Love these! So fun!
desiree - I LOVE LOVE the spaceship looking one!!! It just looks so cool.
Rich Park - can't believe you guys did a lot of these shots on the train! great shots!
Tiffany - I love these photos! Great job, Melissa!
Wedding Photographer New York - I love your photos. Very good composition, very original.
Janette Reeves - You are sooo good at what you do! Simply the best! I love seeing your work. :)
Melli - These are awesome shots, especially the ones on the train!