Amy Hill - LOVED meeting you last night Sara! Such a funny witty post Melissa! Congrats to you both! Thanks for the continual inspiration!
Kelly - HA! So cute! Tell Sara I'm a neighbor of her's from the Windy City. I live in Aurora, IL. It was funny to see that she's originally from Naperville! It's a small, small world we live in!
Chung Nguyen - Jon Stewart's got NOTHING on Dixie! :-D
Brenda - Um yeah- that last photo with the commentary above made me laugh pretty hard! Such a cute dog!
Keith Powell - Dixie knows how to ask the tough questions!
Tira J - That was the sweetest interview! Great job Dixie Dog! Congrats Sara!
Alice G Patterson - So cute... love the parting portrait combined with Dixie's closing comment! Kuddos to all three of you.
Allison - Awww, thanks Dixie! You're precious! =)
Andrea Brewster - I think Dixie may have a new career herself!
Heather at Outstanding Occasions - I love the interview! Who knew Dixie was so vocal! Sara, so glad you are part of the MJ family now, which means you are also a part of ours :)
Holly - THAT was just the cutest thing. yay for sara!!!!! :D congratulations!!!