Elena - Thought about you and your family when my hubby and watched this movie last night http://www.hbo.com/movies/temple-grandin/index.html Temple Grandin. If you have not seen it, it is very inspirational.
Jennifer - So fun to walk with this group! Looking forward to next year ;)
Rich Park - so great that you do the autism walk every year! my wife is a teacher for kids with special needs and she completely understands the needs for events like these. awesome job on the fundraising and the pictures!
miranda reger - loved seeing noah's comment... so sweet. :)
Linda Tschetter - Thanks Melissa for putting together the Autism Walk! It was great and the photos are awesome!
Kelly - Whoa! Noah was looking RIGHT at you in that one photo! I LOVE it!
Regan Schwartz - This is awesome! As a teacher, I appreciate you walking for such a great cause!
Vanessa - How awesome Melissa! So proud of you and your team! I also melted when I read Noah's comment on your blog. Sweetest thing ever! :)
Noah - So these are good pics. Lis... Love u lis. Thanks for walking Lis. So Here we got to the pics thanks for this pics. Thanks, Noah Elisha Worden
Natalie - Thanks for organizing this every year Lis! You are the best aunt ever! And thanks to everyone who walked and supported the cause! It was a lot of fun for all and I know the donations will go to a really worthy organization who is working hard to find the cause, treatments and cure for autism.