noah - so love you
jess - lump in my throat good! <3
martin zuckermann - Wow, I'm touched...
Taryn Bills - Meredith is a dear friend of mine and she and her husband have truly persevered in this fight. Thank you for bringing attention to her story Melissa.
Shannon S. - This story is so amazing! It is sad that there are so many people in the medical community that really don't know much about autism and how it is identified. I wish that doctors would stop just saying, "No, it's not autism," and instead be honest and say, "I don't know if it is or isn't." I feel that would save people so many years of struggle and confusion. I'm thankful that Meredith finally found the answers she was looking for. Drew is such an adorable little man.
Vicki - I LOVE this family so much and Meredith is an AMAZING Mom. I'm so inspired by her and how she juggles it all. xoxo, Vicki
ELENA - What a touching story... what a wonderful Mom... My heart broke into pieces reading this. Thank you for sharing.