martin zuckermann - She has a Lovely smile. Sooner or later it would happen :) Congratulations! martin
Nate Henderson - YOU'VE MADE THE JUMP; congrats!
kimberly bee - Soo awesome! Michelle, you look beautiful and your pictures made me teary eyed. What a team!!
Jennifer Rodriguez-Cruz - That's so awesome! Congrats!
Alicia - Awesome! Congratulations to both of you! Just like in marriage--how two excellent singles are necessary to make an excellent couple--two excellent photographers are also necessary to make an excellent team! : )! And you guys have it! Congratulations and blessings on your new endeavors as a photo team. : )
Shannon S. - How fun! I'm excited for you both. :)
Heather Corporan - Her style so is like yours - a perfect fit for MJ : ) At first I thought I had clicked on one of 'your' slideshows, which speaks highly of her photos!
Heather at Outstanding Occasions - So excited for you! Yay for expanding the amazing Melissa Jill brand!! Doing the happy dance for you :) xoxo
ELisa Bauer - congrats to both of you ladies. Great song choice for the slideshow... I love Chantal Kreviazuk!
rebecca - melissa, I clicked on the link you provided and it was a slideshow. Are there any other photos, or a blog we can view of hers??
rebecca - Great concept!! I am adding her to my photo blog list that I follow!!!
Gina Meola - Exciting!!!
heidi @ idieh design - Exciting news! Yay for the expansion of Melissa Jill!!
Kimberly Jarman - Whohoo!!!!!
Taryn Bills - Love it!! Way to expand the brand!1 So many exciting changes happening in your life right now!!!
Emily - Your Heart's Desire - SOOOO cool! What a great idea to reach more of the market! Michelle is great!