Karen (Mikols) Bonar - 2nd house, as in you're keeping the original as a rental, or 2nd house as in "moving on up!?" :) Congrats regardless!
Cristi - How exciting! Can't wait to see the new place. I'm sure it will be gorgeous. Does Dixie have a room all to herself now?
Jim Blanco - No. 2 ??? wow!!! so so so exciting!, Congrats Melissa...enjoy it!
Tira J - Yippee!!!! I can't wait to see everything and hear about how Dixie loves her new backyard. Congratulations.
Alicia - Congratulations! : ) Change is exciting, scary and thrilling all in one. May God bless you in your new home. : )
Danielle White - Congratulations :) Such an exciting time for you.
Paige Butcher - ahh! So exciting. Congrats!!
Pati Pakulis - SO happy for you my friend! Congrats!! Funny, I get my keys today! We need to celebrate together! Love you! xoxo
Mark - Congrats MJ
Jenni - Cool!! Do I smell a party in the near future? I bring great house warming gifts. But I need a party, or a game of Mexican train.
Mary M. - Are you going to keep your old house and rent it!?! How exciting to broaden your real-estate portfolio as well as your key ring! :)
Evie Perez - Congrats!!! I am so happy for you :)
Alice G Patterson - Wow #2... impressive and exciting... congratulations!
Ericha - Congrats Melissa!!!! Can't wait to see some photos!
heather - Congrats Melissa! Have fun with the remodeling!
Sarah - Congrats!
Bartek Witek - Congratulations! You must be very excited :)
Alvina - That's super exciting - Congrats!! :) Can't wait to see some before and after photos!
Denise - YAY!!!!! So excited for you! We'll have to do a "BYO new house" party soon!
Holly Howe - YAY!!!!!! congrats, my friend!!!! :D
Kelly Trimble - Love it - can't wait to see all of your remodeling pics!
Robynne - Congratulations! I hope it's awesome :)
Ronald - Congrats! Good luck with your new house.
Catie Ronquillo - Congratulations! We just bought a house coming up on a year ago (last November) and it was so exciting to get the keys. :) Can't wait to see photos of your new house! Happy housewarming!
Heather at Outstanding Occasions - Congrats MJ! I can't wait to see it after the remodel! So exciting!
larry reeves - yay, melissa! congrats on the new house! have fun remodeling!!
heidi @ idieh design - Congrats, Melissa! So exciting! Can't wait to see more photos of the place. :)