Karen (Mikols) Bonar - I'd actually heard it was the aluminum that had breast cancer ties ... regardless, I haven't used deoderant w/ aluminum in 5+ years either!
angie - Love your faves! I must try that deodorant. Honestly I stopped wearing deodorant probably 10 years ago for the same reason. I usually just wear baby powder. :)
Michelle Sidles - I love those Sun Chips... but that compostable bag scares me everytime I touch it! ;) Hard to be sneaky with that thing crackling like the 4th of July!
Tanner - So which cleaning company did you go through? I just moved to Phx and I need to find a cleaning company. thanks.
Amanda - I love Sun Chips too, but dang those bags are loud! :) Oh, and the video of your grandpa... it almost made me cry. I adore my two remaining grandparents and should really do something like this with them. I know you are so happy to have that as a keepsake now that he is gone.
erin harvey - Ohhh, I love the Garden Salsa chips too. Actually I first had them in Phoenix when we were there for our trip last year, so that is quite a coincidence. =)
Patti - I tried the Garden Salsa Sun Chips over the weekend on your recommendation and I got to tell you... they are the bomb! Thank you for introducing me to my new found friend.
Leah - You can find me in FOUND, too. Love it, can't get enough of it. I haven't been lucky enough to be able to walk out with anything yet, but maybe one day. Hope you enjoy your new furniture!
Alicia - Oooo! I love that black dresser! : )!!! I've been transforming my room so that it has more of a "Parisian boudoir" feel to it....something that resembles the old fashioned shops in Paris or the curly swirly wrought iron fencing in New Orleans. So that dresser would fit in perfectly. : ) Almost all of my furniture is black now. When I used to work at Disneyland, my room had magically transformed into a Disney fairyland. It looked like the Disney Princesses had come to my room and thrown up all things pink around my room. : P But that was years ago and I've been dying to grow up my room. So about a year ago, I started transforming it. I bought a bunch of black furniture, some Parisian pictures, a miniature Eiffel tower, got a mini chandelier, some sparkly things, "wall words," etc. My last step will be to change my current bed (a honey-colored oak bed) for a wrought iron one and I'm dyyyinnnngg to get a damask comforter. I looooove damask with a passion right now! : )! It's definitely changing from old Disney days (aka child's room!) to a young (okay, early 30's!) room. : ) And I couldn't be happier! : ) I love your idea of taking pictures of your favorite things. I've always made lists of things to share with friends on Facebook but have never actually taken pictures of those things. Mind if I borrow the idea? I love it! : ) I love sharing things with people--and how much more fun through pictures! : )
Boggy - Speaking of Crystal products... Walgreens has them on %57 off sale now (:. Also, it is very tempting to get more stuff as you get bigger place - be careful, so you don't over commit .... minimize, minimize, minimize... Love your blog.
Melissa Jill :) - I definitely think it works well Leslie!
leslie styler - Does the deodorant work good? I have tried other natural ones that don't work as well. Congrats on your new place
Elizabeth - Blogging about your deodorant cracked me up but I love it! Hubs and I both use 'natural' deodorant as well. He calls his a 'magic pit stone'. haha! Happy Friday!
Noa - A post after my own heart... Full of goodies!! The store you features reminds me so much of the quaint shops I meandered through in Provence, France. I absolutely adore the pieces you chose and hope you show us a picture once you put that office together!! And lastly - oh, I WISH a house cleaner was in the budget right now (especially since I have an active toddler always making a mess). Its definitely something I'm building towards :)
JamieY - That store looks awesome, I will have to check out the online one. I also am paranoid about deodorants, the one I use isnt as effective as I need, so thanks for the tip.
Kelly Trimble - Totally LOVE that store! I would love to FIND something there. I have a lady clean my house too. With 3 boys I can't keep up! It's the best $$ I spend every two weeks!
Gail - First off — I want those PILLOWS on your new chairs!!! Congrats on the new furniture - and the big move!! Second — Sun Chips ARE awesome, but what is up with the new bags? I know they're good for the environment and all, but you could never "sneak" a chip with those things!! Third — I adore the quilt story. I just asked a bunch of questions and videoed them of my 92 grandma and it was in part inspiration from you for my 101 in 1001. I am so glad I took the time to do it, and your mention here of your grandpa just acts as a reminder of that. TGIF girl!!
Dennis Bullock - Looks like a fun time to me!