Denise Saucedo - Congrats MJ!!!!! How exciting!!! When is the house warming?? I would love to see the new digs!!! Hugs sweetie!
erin harvey - Congrats on the new digs Melissa! And thanks for the bday wishes the other day as well. =)
Leah - Do you need more boxes? I have lots and I'm very close-by. Let me know, I'd love to get them out of my garage!
maggie - Congratulations Melissa!!! I hope you love home-ownership as much as my fiance and I do :D I love being able to come home and know its ours!
Kendra Jean Photography - Can't wait to see pictures of your new place and the progress of remodel! I love seeing before and afters:)
Linda - can't wait to see pics! congrats!
miranda reger - congrats!! nothing like undertaking a move/remodeling job just before your mj2day on the east coast...! ;)
YGuerrero - Congratulations! I'm sure you will make your new place beautiful!! Have fun choosing everything!!
Lorena - You are bound to find great prices on great hardwoods at Lumber Liquidators. There is one in Phoenix.
jacqui - Congratulations!
Paige Butcher - AHH! So exciting! Congratulations ;)
donya - Congrats Melissa! I love the decor in your current place, so I'm anxious to see the new one!
Mandi - Oooh congratulations! You won't leave us in the dark on all of your awesome re-do choices, will you? I wanna see the hardwood selections!
Stephanie D - Woohoo! I bet your sweet pup is gonna love it.
Lora Ayers - Congrats girl, I love wood floors and I can't wait to see your improvements!!
Emily - Your Heart's Desire - Can't wait to hear all about it over a Pina Colada!! ;)
Jeanette Leblanc - ooooh, welcome to the hood! You're gonna love central phoenix. Where is your house?
Kristen - Congrats Melissa! I'm SO thrilled for you and Dixie Dog!! I know you're new home is going to be super adorable, just like the home you currently live in. I can't wait to see pictures!! I miss you tons...and I'm STILL patiently waiting for the day that I can come and visit. It seems that every time we pick a date, it just ends up not working out-sob, sob. I can't believe it has been over 2 years since I moved, and since we were roomies! I miss you and I miss Dixie's kisses. Congrats again, we're so excited for you! When I have a plane ticket purchased and I'm on my way...I will be sure to call you and come see the new place! Love ya! I hope the moving goes smoothly for you.
Danielle Aquiline - Congrats, Melissa! I love home decor. Can't wait to see all of your photos!!!
Esther - Wow! I've moved less than a month ago and I still have loads of boxes all around. Seems that you're going to a very wonderful place. Try to enjoy every step of the phase and not feel too overwhelmed by the amount of things to do ;)))) Can't wait to see pictures ! :)
Jennifer Garbett - Melissa, CONGRATS on the move...I love the Arcadia area! We have a ranch home that's about 25 yrs old completely remodeled on the INSIDE as well (outside still a work in progress). It's such a project to take on, but such a great reward. I have hardwood floors and thought I would share in CASE you needed a referral. I first went through Home Depot after doing a lot of looking. After my floors were installed within a month or two they were scratched up everywhere (wood was SO SOFT) and they were buckling in some areas under your feet. Turns out Home Depot's hired installers totally ruined the install using glue to put them down which the boxes CLEARLY said would ruin the floors and void the warranty. After MANY hours we were able to get them pulled out and we used to do our new floors. Similarly priced to our home depot version and yet a thousand times better quality/professionalism/install etc. Three years later I still have beautiful floors. Good luck!
Tira J - YAYAYAY!!! I am so excited for you and Dixie! I can't wait to watch the before and afters on the blog! Be sure to take time to relax during this time if you can. It can get pretty stressful. Also, my hubby is EXTREMELY handy, so if you have any questions at all about fixing something, painting, flooring, etc., just call us! I am serious! Yay!! Next time we come to AZ, it will be to see your new digs!
Valli - Congratulations!! :)