Asif Bhalesha - Absolutely love the first shot!!! Gorgeous lighting.
sheakorinne - You have a knack for teaching! This is explained so perfectly!
Melissa Jill :) - Hi Mark- I use evaluative metering but if I know the subjects’ faces aren’t the brightest part of the photo, I overexpose by anywhere from 1/3 to 1 full stop depending on the situation. It’s just the method I’ve gotten used to!
Truc - As always, I love these FAQ posts. I especially appreciate the info on the haze effect. Love the diagram, btw! :)
Mark - How do you exactly meter their faces correctly. I use your back button method and spot meter BUT how do you meter them perfectly? If the Spot metering a littel off left or right, then everythings off
Holly Howe - love your FAQs, mj!!!! thanks again! :)
Evie Perez - Thanks Darling! This is something I practice a lot. I love the visual you made for us, very creative :) Thank you so much for being so free with what you do. Do you edit in lightroom or strictly in photoshop.
beck - Thanks for this post! I have been using backlighting for my beach shoots a lot this summer, but couldn't pinpoint why some were so great, and some were not-so-great. Thanks for your help!
Alex - I love your FAQ posts :) Thanks!
michelle - Thank you so much, Melissa, for the posts on lighting! I am new at photography and lighting tips are sooooo helpful! You're awesome!!! :o) Seriously, thank you for taking the time to write these FAQs. I just love them!! :o)
Aric Hoek - Your photos look wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Great info about "hazing" .... I needed to learn that. :) The other thing I love about backlighting is it gives my subject less of an excuse to squint at me. ;)
Melissa Jill :) - Ya, Tira, I’m thinking it’s probably a fad too. The yellow look is kinda cool when done right – I just try to steer clear of any processing that might look out-dated eventually.
Tira J - My absolute favorite types of images to capture! An interesting observation though, lately, I have seen a lot of photographers add yellow to their images to make it look like they had backlighting, or that the sun was even more present. What are your thoughts on that. Yesterday on the [b]school, we talked about it and how it just might be a fad that will quickly go away. Off my soap box now. Thanks for being so giving to all of us MJ! Have a great weekend.
jacqui - I love to learn and your generosity always makes my week with post like these, thanks Melissa ,have a wonderful weekend :)
Kelly Trimble - Thanks Meissa. I hate that darn haze! I love your drawing too - haha!
Courtney - I LOVE posts about lighting! This is such a great post, thank you!
Lora Ayers - Thanks so much Melissa, can't wait to get better at backlighting, this helps a lot! ;)
Chris Enzaldo - I love the beautiful, soft light in that visual. :) Great post. Thanks MJ!
Ed K - just wondering, do you ever use a bit of fill-in flash on your backlight shots? enjoy your posts, thanks.
Sarah - Brilliant! Love these posts in between your own work. Now I have a better understanding of what was wrong with one of my shots and what to look for next time. Thanks soooooo much.
Kelly Green - Fabulous post Melissa! I am starting to experiment more with lens flare & backlighting in my shots, so this has come at the right time : )