jackie g. photog - i attended the J&M STL too....and just gave out my first Date Nite kit! yay!
Tawnya Hood - Perfect! I wanted to ask how you ship them. I have been doing a date night gift for all the clients that book with me for a few years now. But I was always afraid of breakage and the expense of shipping, so I have been doing movie gift cards and snacks ( for the local movie places) Have you had a hard time shipping. I would love to create the gift I have been giving in a fun and cute way if I could get the shipping down ( from the box, the actual getting there in one piece)
Laurie Howard - What a fun & cute idea! I am seriously thinking about going into this profession full-time (you are actually one of the people who have inspired me to do so) and I think this would be something that would make a bride feel extra special. I know I would have been thrilled if my photographer (or anyone for that matter) would have taken the time to send me a "I'm thinking of you" gift! Love it!!
Denise Saucedo - That's awesome Melissa!! I am still trying to think of a movie to add to my collection. I love your set up. Cute cute cute!
olio style - super cute! love that bowl!
Ravyn - I attended STL too, and I thought this was such a fabulous idea! I agree with you, it would be lovely to get one of these myself, so I think it will be fun to give them!
Brittney - awesome idea - seriously! writing myself a reminder :)
Jared Wilson Photography - BRILLIANT! I just wrote 'Date Night Kit' on a sticky note and put it on my screen. Love this idea!! Thanks!
Holly Howe - fantastic idea!!! inquiring minds want to know.... what movies did you put in the bowl??! :)
Melissa Jill :) - Hey Tracy! I got them from Crate & Barrel :).
Tracy - Wonderful idea and such a personal touch. Would you mind sharing where you got the popcorn bowls from? This just might work for the families I photograph too.
Shannon Suiter - Kindra ~ I was thinking the exact same thing! I mean, really, 2 years and 7 months after a wedding is a really hectic time. I wish my photographer would send me a little date night kit. Or go out on a girls date with me. Whatever... Really super cute idea though! Congrats on checking something off the list. :)
Kelly Ry - Unbelievably PERFECT! I absolutely adore this idea and may just have to personalize this for my clients. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!
Kristin Carlson - Wow Melissa, you are AWESOME! As a photographer myself, I'll definitely be doing things like this for my clients and I will totally be hiring you as my wedding photographer (ya know, once I find a willing man...) :)
kindra hall - SO cute!! Do you know that life gets pretty hectic about 1 year plus one week from a couple's wedding? Perhaps "date night kits" should be sent to these poor souls too. :)