Nina - WOW!!! What a great school!! 1:1?! That is awesome. I would move there if I had a child with autism!
Sulyn Talbot - My husband and I have known Judy for a very long time - she is an incredibly talented and loving person. There is nothing she cannot accomplish, I know these children benefit greatly from her enthusiastic presence.
Jennie Karges - This makes me cry! I work with autistic children every day and it makes me so excited for them to receive the attention they need! It is SO RARE to have a school provide so many aides for such a small classroom, how blessed and lucky they are. Thank you for this. They are people too and they are one of my favorites. THANK YOU!
JOdi - What a wonderful experience. So much love!
Beverly Pangelinan - Melissa, thank you for taking these pictures. It 's rewarding to actually see Judy, and the children in the classroom. She often tells me stories about her work and accomplishment with the children. She is very enthusiastc and truly enjoys it. Needless to say I am very proud of my daughter.
Kay Subaitis - Melissa, My daughter-in-law Judy sent me this link of the great pictures of her class this year. I have always known what a special person Judy is and it is so wonderful that others get to know of her and the staff thru these great photos. If every child with special needs had these caring, thoughtful, dedicated educators our world would be a better place.
Colorado Wedding Photographer, JasonG - Wow - Very cool shoot. I love capturing images with children with special needs. Great work.
maria Nissen - Your images reflect your love for your nephew and the passion you feel for his journey in life as well as those who travel it with him.
Ronda Alexander - Thanks Melissa, my sister Emy Gomez works with these awesome children and absolutely loves her job. She came out to visit me in South Carolina and told me how wonderful it is to work with all of these children and how much she learns from them on a daily basis. Thanks for an inside look!
Megan - These are amazing and made me cry! You can see how much the teachers care about these kids. I think it's wonderful!
Robin Watson - Great Job Melissa!!! You captured personalities brilliantly!!
Kimberly - so inspiring. and i had forgotten about the parachute! i want to play in one again.
jess - WHOO HOO! i love this post so much! as usual you rocked it! thank you thank you THANK YOU! xoxoxox
Michelle Smith - Beautiful!! It looks like the kids have a wonderful place to learn. My son, Max, has special needs and I love visiting his classroom.
Vanessa - Love this Melissa! What wonderful people who work there!!! Your nephew is adorable and I just smile every time I look at Tony enjoying himself in circle time! What pure joy!
Taryn Bills - This is a wonderful post. Thank you for taking photos of these incredible kids and the teachers who work with them each and every day.
Natalie - Thanks Lis! I learn from these kids how simple life is and how to enjoy each moment. I can't say enough about the ladies who work in there - they have so much patience and always keep a positive attitude. I really enjoy every time I get a chance to visit! Thanks for capturing these precious moments!