Maureen Thomson - I can't agree with this more! Hiring a professional to plan a wedding is so valuable, even for small weddings and elopements. Thank you for writing this article.
Ryan - It's a no brainer why you should hire a professional wedding planner. If you don't want stress to haunt you on your wedding day it is a preferred choice to seek out for the best wedding planners in town.
denise - Hi Melissa, Love this post! I am a wedding planner in the valley! Thanks for sharing! Denise
Eutopia Events - I know this is an old post, but I just came across it. As a wedding planner, sometimes it is hard to get some people to understand the value in having a planner. They think we are too expensive, or that they can do everything themselves, or that the venue coordinator is support enough. Not only until afterwards do they realize they should have hired us from the beginning. I would also like to say that often times, when there is no planner, the photographer gets the brunt of the stress, questions, and fall back. Because the photographer is there for every event within the wedding, snapping away, plus the photographer is usally the most seasoned of the vendors at a wedding. Unfortunately that leaves you in a position where you are not able to focus on the job they have actually hired you for! Thank you for this post and all the work that you do promoting wedding planners and all the services and help they can offer :)
Eileen de las Alas - This is such a well-written post! I may have to feature this on my blog and give you credit :) it's so important for us vendors to work together to help create a seamless and memorable wedding!
Lindsey - I know this was posted awhile ago - but I shared it on facebook! Thank you for your input and support of wedding planners!
Angela Rando - Great post. We're so glad our service is appreciated by you.
Violaine Diogene - What a great post. It's always a wonderful thing when vendors recomend hiring a planner and singing our praises. Thank you for writing this post.
Jenni Thye - Thanks Melissa! This goes along with hire a great phtographer too!!!
Victoria Canada - LOVE the post- of course I am biased.... : ) There are so many reputable planners out there. I appreciate you singing our praises! XOXOXO- Vic
ajira - Great list! You are SOOOOO right! Can't wait to see what the new kit looks like!
Sasha - I'm not sure it's possible to love you any more than I do from the last two posts. I love "tell it like it is" people. Congrats on such great posts!
Emily Edwards - This turned out great MJ! I think the format makes it easy to see all the major points even if they don't read every single line. Not that I'm saying they wouldn't read it all of course! Fabulous Post. Love it!
trendy bride - great info I think hiring a wedding planner is very important !!
Yara @ Bridal Horizons - What a great post. Everything you said is so true. Thanks for this.
Julie Dawson - wow! what a brilliant article, thanks for writing this. I love the fact that you are so in tune with exactly what we do. i am so pleased too that it seems your experience of wedding planners is good. Thank you. x
kelly@boho weddings - As a wedding planner it is always great to hear other people singing our praises! Thankyou for writting this artical! xx
Shanika Butts, Charotte Wedding Planner - Thank you so much for such a great post! It's so great that you encourage your brides to hire professional wedding planners. I know I have gotten referrals from area photographers and I am so happy that vendors can communicate the value of hiring a planner to your clients.