Joyce - I don't mind being the recipient of #48. Send a card & gift to someone to encourage them "just because" :)
diana elizabeth - ok, i LOVE this. i need to make one of my own. look at you miss goal setter, i love it!! you inspire me! xx
Karen Bonar - 94. Try a studio viewing after a portrait shoot === this is totally awesome!!!! You'll love it. All of my clients do! :)
Melissa Jean - LOVE this! I'm always making goal lists but your time frame on this one, along with the number of goals really seems like a good fit! First I'm making a 1 in 1 week - to write my own 101 in 1001 list. Definitely following you from now on, I wanna see how this turns out! Best of luck!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - Definitely do the donate blood!!!! Also, consider a ZZ plant for inside your house. You only have to water them once a month or so, and they can live in the dark. No joke!
TracyWB - Here's another vote for an MJ2 in Colorado. :) #57 is on my list too. Why is it so hard to do?
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - You'll love the carriage ride thru Central Park!!!!!
cameron clark | c+k studios - If you go to NYC, go see IN THE HEIGHTS. Amazing, you won't regret. Also, I'm a musical FREAK, so I know all the shows.. ask before you buy!
Alicia - I pray that God would bring #41 into your life soon. : ) He's the greatest Matchmaker there is and I'm excited for you--one day, you'll step out from behind the camera and you'll be having someone take YOUR wedding pictures! : )! He has specially created that special someone for you, you just wait and see! : )! Your Father knows the desires of your heart and will bless your life with that special someone. : )
Lisa - I love love love that you are in tune with your business and never satisfied with stationary! I love that you excel and try to excel even more. You inspire!
Chad Pennington - Can you do the MJ2 Here is NY/ NJ how do we do it? Can I help?
Ericha - Haha! I was just thinking about re-doing one of these lists. So funny! MJ 2 Day in Philly! ;)
Vanessa - Love your goals! :) I think an MJ 2 would be fabulous in NC :)
Spring Smith - I'm ready for #42- I really wanna go!!! I was looking at PPA's that goes through the greek islands....
Amanda - Could one of those 14 states include Alabama? Come for a visit, and we can help you find a nice southern gentleman to check off #41! :)
kelly Wachs - Im liking 1 and 6. You could and should do a MJ2day in Atlanta! You can have it in my house!
Meredith Nelson - #46- Boston??? :) :) :)
Kindra Hall - Thank you for the "revision" idea! My goals changed like a WEEK after I wrote them -- (a transitional time in my life). I was stressed about it -- but now I know what I'm going to do! xoxo
Tira J - I am up for helping out with #46 in So Cal! If you want to beat the AZ heat, it is a little cooler here in the summer! Let me know. :) Oh, and I really want to learn how to play Bridge, so maybe we can add that to the agenda. ha ha!
Bob - Isn't it funny how many ideas from J&M made it into your list? Same thing happened to me. See you in Vegas!!
Charrie - I think you should plan a workshop around #19. I'd so come!
nancy mitchell - You can do a MJ2 day at my home in OHIO!
Melli - YAY for doing a second version.
amy t schubert - I'll totally host an MJ2 day in L.A. .... whenever Andrew and I get around to buying our house!
miranda reger - oh please come to charlotte for an mj2day - that way i could take it (you heard right... i've got the itch!!), AND you'd get to hang out with the neeses. :)
Katie Cassidy - Melissa, Might I sugest accomplishing goal #31 in Madang, Papua New Guinea. You can make a great side trip while in PNG accomplishing goal #14. Madang is on the coast, not sure where in PNG the Mibu tribe is located. I assume you know someone there. What are their names and which mission agency are they associated with. I lived in PNG during high school, so just wondering if I by chance know them as well.
Erin Dayhaw - when and if you do number 2, please come to the east coast :]
Mike C - You're missing "Switch from Canon to the superior Nikon platform" from your list... :-)
Katherine Derus - Yes Yes please come to Colorado and do MJ2 day!! Please please PRETTY PLEASE!! Also. Australia is AMAZING you should definitely try really hard to make that one happen!
Suzanne - You can get an early start on goal number 27 (
Crystal Lee - I vote for Myrtle Beach, SC for the MJ 2 Day! LOL, I actually just revamped my own list to include some more realistic goals. It's great to sit down and make a list that paints a picture of what you want your life to look like 3 years from now. I look forward to seeing your completed list! Good luck! :)
Anna Sawin - I love seeing the J&M influences in there, because MY 101 is influenced in large part by you and by them! I think my favorites are the cruise and Australia entries, can't wait to see those goals become reality! It's a great list, thanks for sharing!
Gail - You're making me want to go back and start over with the whole 101 list MJ! I think I did my first one wayyyyy back when you blogged about yours, so I'm totally inspired by this list :)
Roxxi - I'm kind of a neighbor.. I live in Mesa!! I will come over for dinner!!! OR go on a picnic!! =)
Ben Finch - Melissa!! We've had this discussion before... #46 should read: Have Ben Finch host the MJ 2 Day in TN. Ahhh... much better!
jamie delaine - don't throw the man thing in for laughs and giggles--it's GONNA HAPPEN.
Shannon Hunt - This was very inspirational! Love your goals! My goal is to write my goals this week, as many as I can think of and then organize myself to accomplish them. Love your photography!
Alicia - This is so cool! It was so awesome seeing your list last time--very motivating! : )! I too, started writing down a list, but a little differently....I started writing down all of my life goals and it was so satisfying to write down, especially my top 5. It was those top 5 that I realized were the most important to me. (One of those top 5 is to become a professional photographer....someday! someday!) : )
Eunice Brownlee - I'm going to vote for Colorado as the site for your MJ2 in another state. :)
Lisa - Well, I know I'm not a "real" friend, but I am local, and would love to learn to play bridge. :O)