leslie styler - Oh man Melissa, that would drive me crazy not being able to post there. Look at the light and how you captured it, she is breathtaking especially your photos. I am so beyond impressed. I dream of going to places like this too. Your so blessed. God is good to you girl! Thanks for sharing!
Trina Knudsen - Awesome, Melissa! I am so excited for you. I love the first image (green palm) after the image selected for publication. Amazing, girl!
Tiffany Loo - Mj, I am familiar w/ your work b/c I was at Jon and Joan Yee's wedding. When i saw this magazine on the stand at my school (the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) I was ecstatic to see the work of a true artist on a meaningful mission!
Jennifer Stein - WOW!!! This is so amazing MJ! Your images are incredible and what an honor to be a part of such a stellar publication. Congrats to you and everyone who was a part of it!
Karen (Mikols) Bonar - STUNNING!!!! And congrats! :)
Armin - Very nice, congrats!
Sandra - Beautiful photos Melissa.
phillipglickman - @ Ryan shoot me an email, and we can exchange phone numbers to discuss this further. phillip@phillipglickman.com
Ryan - @ phillipglickman thank you for your reply to my comment. You stated that a good storyteller is to able to tell the whole story, I don't believe that this is telling the whole story. Why not show the real story of the people suffering? and how does the model in beautiful dresses tell the story? Again i dont mean any disrespect to the photographer or the pictures. I just don't feel that sugarcoating the story and not showing whats REALLY going on is a good way to raise awareness.
Jason Thon - Well said Phillip! This shoot not only gave us as photographers an inside view to what Thirst Relief is doing and how it has helped, but the potential impact of the story being published in Grace Ormonde and the money these gowns may help raise is hard to duplicate. In many images we wanted to tell the story in a single capture about who the sale of these gowns will benefit. These children showed so much joy and enthusiasm that it was impossible not to want to convey that story in addition to capturing flattering images for the designers. Beautiful job Melissa, the images are truly gorgeous!
phillipglickman - @ Ryan. A basic requirement of a good storyteller is to be able to tell the whole story. As photographers we do this with our images. The 15 of us who volunteered our time and resources had one goal in mind. That goal was to shed light on the desperate need for clean drinking to those who do not have it. We DID NOT go to capture an image of the poor and "less fortunate". Instead we saw real joy and happiness in the people blessed with the gift of a Thirst Relief filter, and that was worthy of being told. Without capturing this joy I believe we lose sight of our mission, and it no longer is about helping to meet the needs of these people, instead it becomes all about us and the bridal gowns. Thanks for your concern.
Ryan - I love these pictures but something i would have liked to see more is HOW you raised the awareness.... It almost seems as if you used the kids just to enhance your photos don't get me wrong they are fantastic photos but i think that it would be better if you didn't use them as a tool.
Tira J - Congratulations Melissa! All of your images are gorgeous!!!
Melanie - Congratulations!
Jodi - WOW! Amazing...love all the textures and colors. LOve the kids:) Great job!
Heather at Outstanding Occasions - Congratulations Melissa! What an amazing shoot and experience! There are so many that I love...like all of them:)
Melissa - Sister, these are killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayla - SO amazing! Congratulations!!! Wow! What an amazing opportunity! I'll to go look at a copy in person!
Denise - AWESOME!!!! What an honor . . . that you totally deserve! You ROCK!
Gwen - It was worth the wait, each and every image. Your skill and talent blows me away each time Melissa, brilliant work!
Julianna - The contrast between these intricate dresses and the surroundings is stunning!
Angie - I love you work!.. I feel like getting wedding dresses and put together a photoshoot! =)
Erin S. - CONGRATS! That is so awesome you got published in that mag... and for such a good cause, too. Great images!
Cathy m - Congratulations!! I'm SO excited to see the final results of your amazing experience! The images are breathtaking...fantastic work, as always. :)
olivia - Congratulations Melissa -- this is so exciting!!! And your photos are so beautiful ... just amazing.
Jen @ Jen Madigan Photography - Congratulations, that's so exciting! I love all the photos you posted as well, they are so beautiful!
Jenni Thye - As always, your work is so enchanting! Congratulations on your spread!!
jamie delaine - yes yes yes yes YES! You did it Melissa! I'm so excited Grace chose two of your images. Yayyyy! :)
Paige Butcher - These are stunning -- seriously. Congratulations :)
Janet - Congratulations!!! Beautiful images...great story!!!
Gail - Melissa, These are SOOOOO fanastic! You go girl!!!! Wow..those shots at the bottom of the brides -- do you get to use those in your portfolio? SMOKING HOT!!!
Jeanette LeBlanc - You must be floating on cloud nine! Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime - and what jaw dropping photographs. wow!
R. J. Kern - Melissa... well done. What a phenomenal opportunity. I especially like the blend of styes & influences that come with shooting in the African environment... I see a bit of you in each image. Thank you for sharing!
Jenny Bishop - Your photos are AMAZING, Melissa! I LOVE so many of them...I can't choose just one favorite! Congrats on such a great achievement and for raising awareness with your photography! Beautiful job on all the photos!!!!
Nancy - Oh, and the one where you couldn't decide between the two, I vote the one on the right. I think it's the expression that grabs me. Very nice!
Nancy - Wow that tree is amazing! Lovely photos too! My fave is the one where the model is leaning against the huge stone structure. Just beautiful!
kelly a. - Beautiful work, MJ! So proud of you! :)
Tanya - BREATHtaking, and amazing purpose to shoot for. Must have been very fulfilling, and God blessed :) I LOVE the last ones!!
Tina - OH MY! STUNNING, STUNNING, STUUUUUN...ning! You keep busting out such great things! Congratulations Melissa! I think 2010 is gonna be MJ's year!!! What else you got up that sleeve?
Dennis Bullock - So cool! Congratulations...
maria Nissen - They're all amazing, Melissa. Their feet even look beautiful. Great shots.
Debbie - Absolutely gorgeous...congratulations!