Catherine Cella - I can help you accomplish 3 goals in one visit! Come stay with me in CT! Goal 33-Apple Picking, I live 1/2 mile from a famous and beautiful apple orchard. Goal 49- Visit New England in the fall. Goal 22- Musical on Broadway..I'm only 2 hours from NYC! I just saw Mama Mia and I loved it! Goal 50-Seeing Taylor Swift. I saw her last summer on my visit out west at Wyoming Frontier Days. Awesome! Good Luck! Let me know when you plan your trip! One of my goals is to paint and redecorate my guest room so it would be a great opportunity for me to complete one of my goals too! Take Care!
cameron clark | c+k studios - HEY! I tried to get you to second shoot with me on that Monte Lucia shoot. I didn't know it was a 101 in 1001. I'll ask again. It always amazes me how great second shooting can be!
R. J. Kern - You were one of the sources of inspiration of starting my own 101 in 1,001... I'm on 54 complete goals and have a few more to go in the next in, gulp, less than 12 months to go.
AustinKing - Hi,I'm a senior high student from China, I really love your work,and I want to get some help from you.Could you please send me an E-mail and give me your E-mail address and then I can tell you the details.
Katie Cassidy - Hope you have not given up on 18. It is a beautiful country that is worth the visit.
Becky Gawin - Hey, I say it's never too late to become what you might have been, whether that's a master story teller or a better guitar player. Keep setting those goals and celebrating your great achievements!
Ms Alex - Well done, look forward to reading the next list!
rhonda danner - well that's awesome melissa! i think you should make a new list of 1 thing to do in 1 month...which would be to come to Greenville to see your awesome friends clay and rhonda and to meet charis. also, clay and i will be your shovel invention for your blog if you will just send us in the right direction. love you!
erin harvey - Congrats Melissa, you are amazing for completing so many of these. It is interesting how goals change over time, so it was good to hear your insight on that and how you plan to change the goal list in the future. =) It is always great to keep up with you and all of your accomplishments!
MattDJ - Nice. Congrats MJ! You're an inspiration. :-)
Gail - Ahhhh..Melissa, I remember when you started your list! I think I found your blog shortly after that. hats off to you on all these things you've accomplished over the years! So here's to the next 1001!!!!!
Sandra Jackson - I was inspired by you to make a sorta similar list!
Mellimage - Are you going to do another list? Well done on accomplishing so many goals from this one.
Julie D. - pretty darn impressive all around!
Janet McK - Way to go! I wasn't following your blog when you started this, but I think I might need to do this myself! I like the length of it because 5 years is too long, and a year is too short! Thanks for the inspiration :)
Tina - That is so awesome Melissa! I don't even think I could sit still long enough to write 101 things!! I have a lot I want to do though. You crack me up.........the splits! hahaha.
Sandra Jackson - The very fact that you made the list and kept up with it for 1001 days is so inspirational. Making a list would be at the #1 of any list I would make.
Amanda - Congratulations on completing so many. Just creating a list this big should be a goal in itself!
Michael Chansley - Even though you might not think you did #94, you may have. Your website has a Page Rank of 3 nd your blog has a PR4, which is REALLY good!