MattDJ - What a wonderful and encouraging testimony. Nothing can comfort with peace and security like what God provides during times like these. This family is a blessing.
Mary - I am so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing their story with us, though, and the testament of their faith. I am sure that Peter's life will continue to impact people through his family.
Kisha of Sahara Blue - My deepest condolences to the family. I don't know the family personally but the way you wrote of them in the last post was incredibly inspirational & powerful. My prayers will definitely be with them.
Erin McFarland - Hi Melissa- i am so sorry about your dear friends. I saw the post and photos you did for them not too long ago... so this post brought some tears...I will be praying for them. Thanks for using your blog for more than your beautiful photography, but for connecting people through prayer.
Chelsea Hudson - I am in tears reading this. I don't know Pati, but I do know cancer and I do know the pain and emotion experienced when losing a dad to cancer. And I do know the mixed feeling of suffocating loss and grief mixed with relief that their spirit and soul is finally free from the ravaging disease and the joy that they are with Jesus. Its been six years since my dad went Home and although it has gotten so much easier to remember and think about over the years, stories like this one, bring me right back to his bedside the days before he died. All I can say is that the photos you took of them 3 weeks ago are ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS, Melissa. You have no idea. I have hardly any photos of my dad. The only one with my husband and I (he was then just barely my finance) with my dad and mom are with him in a hospital bed and so not how I wanted to remember him. These pictures you took of the kids and pati and peter will help them in the days, months, years and decades to come.., they will help them remember him as they WANT to remember and that is just a very very precious thing. My prayers go out to Pati.I hope I can meet her someday and hug her.