Alex Chan - I just upgraded from the 50mm 1.4 to 50mm 1.2, I am a little bit worry to shoot wide open because the 1.4 is a bit soft wide open. After reading your post, I will try with 1.2 at wedding. Thank you for the inspiriation.
Sandra - I keep meaning to come back here and leave a link to a wedding I photographed just after reading this post. I used the 50mm 1.4 wide open and loved the results! Thanks for this post which gave me the courage to do it!
Kayla - The 50mm 1.2 is my FAVORITE lens too! It's worth every penny and I use it so much! Love it!
Suzanne Tenuto - Wow, I just learned so much from this post! I have a 50mm 1.4 and it is hands down my favorite lens. I am embarrassed to admit that I never put together that my DOF increased as I got further away from my subject (though I should have known that just from viewing some of my far away shots with this lens) - but knowing that I will probably now shoot wide open much more often! I am leaving for a European vacation in 2 days and up until reading this I was only taking my zooms to save space, but now I realize I can't leave my baby at home. :)
Denise Photography - Hi Melissa!!! I sooooo want the 50mm 1.2 but wow. That is a pretty penny. I might have to get the 1.4 and gradually move up. I might have to rent it for the MJ 2 Day Workshop though!! I'm soooo excited and cannot wait to learn all kinds of goodness!!! Hugs.
Yada - Thank you soooo much for sharing this type of information! I always find so much inspiration in your blog! You're a great person Melissa! Hope your doing well!
R. J. Kern - Great post on sharing your favorite tool! I tend to stick more with the Nikon 85 f/1.4 and the 14-24 f/2.8, both shot wide open. The trick getting great "bokeh" with the ultra-wide lenses is to get close... great for kids, dogs, details. Plus the ability to handhold at 1/15 sec works wonder for using available light. Although, if I was a Canon-user, I'd be pretty keen on the 50 1.2.
Melissa Arlena - I love, love, love my 50mm 1.4! I really want the 1.2 but sadly that will have to wait budget wise. I have found that I shoot with the 50 all the time. This weekend I took it with me camping and inspired by your post made a point to shoot at 1.4 the entire weekend. I need to look over the images and see how well I did on my focusing. Thanks for pushing me to step out of the safe zone of 2.8 ;)
Stephanie Fay - UMMMM.... Dixie and Margo need to meet. Its a MUST!!!
Allison - Thanks for this post, Melissa! I am constantly amazed by the crisp-ness you create! Especially while the bride & groom are walking down the aisle...that is a really challenging task!!
Sandra Jackson - Amen sista! I have the 50mm 1.4 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I wish I could afford the 1.2. Some day it will be mine!
Michelle - L-O-V-E this post, keep 'em coming! It's always so great to hear from the photogs you admire the most that they shoot the same way you do (back button focusing rocks!) or that they love the same lenses you do (three cheers for the 1.4 - until I can afford the 1.2). I seem to have an opposite problem with shooting wide open - I do it way too much... My name is Michelle and I'm addicted to bokeh! Thanks Melissa!
Abbie - Yay! Awesome post. Thanks for sharing. I love FAQ posts!
Daniel Fuentealba - no doubt about it... its creamy bokeh and its standard point of view makes it a MUST for wedding & lifestyle photography... and you know how to use it :) bravo!
erin harvey - Thanks for the confidence boost. I have tried the 50 1.4 and have a hard time with it. Guess I should just keep practicing! Love the photos with the explanations. =)
Brittany Davis - Thanks for the great post Melissa. I've been debating about getting a 50mm lens for a while now and I think this might be the extra push I needed. Keep up the good work:-)
beck - Love this post, and thanks again for the tip on the back button focusing... I need to try something new for this and I can't wait to try! Hey, I'm curious: in those bright light situations when your ap is wide open, what are your ISO and shutter speed at? I've struggled with wanting a shallow DOF in bright light, but the shots are often over exposed. I'm afraid maybe I've reached the limitations of my Rebel XTi. :( Love your blog!
Melissa Jill :) - Hi Jenny--thanks for your comment. In that photo the little girl is actually the only one who is crisp. The bride is a little out, which I don’t mind at all. I stay on the center focus point (it’s the sharpest) and lock focus then recompose. In that shot I was focused on the little girl’s face. Hope this helps!
Gail - GREAT post Melissa! Betsy and I have been jonesing for this lens FOREVER now. For now, it's the 1.4 -- and I need practice with locking THAT on focus, so I guess it'll be baby steps to the 1.2! Can't wait to add it to the arsenol though! (But I probably need to add the 16-35 first! Then I'll feel set!)
Jenny Bishop - Love the post Melissa!! And LOVE the photo of Dixie! :) Quick the photo with the bride and little girl, how were you able to get both subjects' faces in crisp focus with being at 1.2? Also, do you use the center focus point, lock focus and then recompose? If so, what was your focal point in that photo? Thanks for sharing!!! :)
Tracy - thanks so much. I knew there was a relation between the aperature and the focal length but I couldn't grasp it - for some reason, the way you said it makes perfect sense!! thank you so much!
Dennis Bullock - I love the 1.4 and have my eye on the 1.2. Also as you said...back button focus is key and I would never switch back now!
Regina - I do have the 1.4. Don't think I will be able to afford the 1.2 for a long while. But I do love my 1.4 and and tried to experiement with it wide open. I go back and forth with it. The best thing is we are in the digital age so I just play and at times totally find an image I just love. Thanks for sharing. Once again I just love your work.
Tira J - Yay! I love the 50 1.2 and the 85 1.2. I think they have to fight for appearances on my camera. And I just LOVE shooting at 1.2! Quick question, what metering do you use? I feel that I get better results on portraits when I am shooting with spot metering. Have a great weekend MJ! It feels like AZ out here in Azusa! HOT!!!
gretchen Knoblock - so i went back and forth between buying the 50 1.2 and the 24-70. I have the 50 1.4 and I use it 90% of the time. Do you think it is worth it to return the 24-70 or just keep it and be happy with my 1.4 until I can upgrade it?
Ben Finch - I knew it... I knew it... I knew it!!! This is the lens I have been saving for, having dreams about, & needing in my life. I am loving that you did this post but it is kind of bitter sweet. I am officially jealous & have camera equipment envy!
Millie - Thanks for this! When you are shooting multiple people at such a razor thin DOP where are you focusing at to make sure they are both clear and crisp?
Abby - Thanks for the insider!