Carri Roman - Oh my word!! They are DARLING!!
Yada - Very cute photo! so happy together and that's wonderful!!!
Joyce - WOW! That's a very beautiful photo of your parents!
Yuka photo art - touching post.....35 years!!!! Wow! Congratulation!
Melissa Arlena - Congrats to your parents that is wonderful!! My parents just celebrated 31 years and you are absolutely right that it is the best gift to keep choosing to love someone. Their example has made a huge impact on me in my own marriage. I love how sweet and happy they look in this photograph, just beautiful!
Rachel - What a sweet post, Melissa. You are blessed indeed.
Dennis Bullock - Great shot Melissa...they look so happy and in love!
Tira J - Happy Anniversary to your amazing parents and a special thank you to them for YOU!!!
Kate - that is awesome! to God be the glory! look like your mom. :)
Meghan - Melissa, that is too freaky! My parents were married 35 years ago today too. Hooray for long marriages!!
Taryn Bills - It makes a HUGE difference! Jeff and I feel very blessed to be from 2 families that the marriages are intact. My parents going on 40 years and his 35 year!!!! It's a rarity these days...
Sarah Neal - You look just like your mom!
Regina - So happy for you and them. It's great you have your parents together and still after 35 years. Congrats to them.
Gail - Ahhhh.this post is SOOO sweet Melissa! I feel the SAME way about my parents. Married 40-plus years and still together. We are lucky!
Amanda - That picture is SO sweet! Genuine happiness - I love it.
Julyssa Schenk - That is a huge blessing. And I just love how happy they look in this photo! Yay, for Love, Happiness and for staying together through it all!
gretchen Knoblock - What a great picture of your parents!! so sweet! =)