Elena - Beautiful session! I love the dress, and I think the last shot is just perfect - I can just feel the sea breeze and the "airness" of the moment.
Chris Young - ::Sigh:: That basically sums up my envy of you and my love for your work : ) So glad you had fun and a chance to get away.
Tampa Photographer - Really nice pictures. My favorite is the last one - absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration. Natascha
Calvin Hill - What great fun!!
Tina - So beautiful! Your work. The couple. The setting. I wish I was in Hawaii.......
Mark A Higgins - The first B&W image was awesome. I loved the lines of the bridge! New England is wet and cold and I'm jealous!
melissa w. soul mates photo - gorgeous!! love love love it.
Becky - Very sexy! Is it just me or is it obvious that they are newlyweds! :o) I LOVE all of them their chemistry is awesome and of course you are amazing at capturing it!
Jody - Ohhhh Melissa, I am in AWE each time I visit your blog..which is once or twice a day LOL. No I'm not a stalker. Just hoping some of your talent will infuse into me =) Can I ask a question? What is your favorite lens and why. I need to expand my collection Badly!
Cindy - These photos are amazing! I love your work!
Angie - Amazing! Great photos!
Tira J - Breathtaking images! And I love her dress!
Jen Schleicher - The 3rd shot is GREAT. So jealous of your working vacation!!
Parris Whittingham - New York Wedding Photographer - I love that first image...pulls you right in!
michelle sidles - Love these... and her dress! :)