Melissa Dunstan - Beautiful location and the imagery is just amazing! Your talent just keeps inspiring me!
Amna Hakim - Melissa - these pictures are just stunning! I adore the black and white one of them by the trees - WOW
Kayla - Beautiful as always!
Cristi - what a beautiful beautiful wedding! did you come back all tan and gorgeous?!
virginia - O Melissa! So so so gorgeous. (long sigh). All beautiful all the time, the tree ones are my favs though :)
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kelly a. - Brilliant work, MJ! Love those shots in front of the gnarly trees! It looks right out of LOST!!!!!
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Missy Lawson - These photos are amazing!! I am so glad I got to be a part of your beautiful wedding!
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Laura - That wide angle black and white under the banyon tree is pure art. What beauty God gave us to enjoy!
Stephanie - AMAZING!!!! Love the Tree shots!
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New York City Wedding Photographer - Love the shot of the bride looking downward. Very regal image.
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johnwaire | photo - rocking the sun flare -- my favorite!
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Rikki Hernanskey - Always amazing, but the photo of the grandparents napping then dancing are my absolute faves! LOVE that!