erin - SO jealous. Please eat a huge shave ice from Jo Jo's for me!
Gail - Soooo unbelievably jealous of you right now! Can't wait to see the final product!
Leslie W. - We're taking our four and seven year old children to Maui for the first time next month. (That's a loooooong flight from Indiana, btw!) My head is brimming with idea for pictures, so I CANNOT wait to see what you capture!
Teodora - Hi Melissa! It's wonderful you can be there again! You are so lucky! Have a great time! :)
Heather Corporan - Ok, so I'm a do-do. I was just looking through your fine art again.... and there is the tortoise : ] Great choice hehehe.
kindra - good story melissa :)
Heather Corporan - Love the first shot the most, but the tortoise shot comes at a close second. You should totally add that to you fine art collection. Said by a turtle/turtoise lover : ] You lucky duck!
New York City Wedding Photographer - I would love to see a turtle randomly scuttling across the beach before I die...much better than the critters we get in New York it just me or do pigeons seem cooler everywhere but where you live?
Brandelyn - excuse me, I meant your NEXT FAQ post. :)
brandelyn - Your FAQ post... DESTINATION WEDDINGS: HOW TO BOOK THEM? SOOOO jealous! good luck and happy shooting!
michelle sidles - I'm trying very hard not to be jealous! ;) Looks so amazing. I love the shot of the lone tortoise. :)
Tira J - So stinkin' beautiful! Enjoy!!