Melissa Jill :) - Hey Cicely! I raised $1,020! With everyone's help I made my $1,000 goal!
Cicely Rocha-Miller - How much did you raise?
shawnreeder - you're awesome Melissa!
Alisa Wheeler - You did an outstanding job of capturing the emotion and love of the day. We'd love to be able to use some of these for promotional photos for next year's Walk. Can we post some of your photos on our website?
HLiza - I love all the shots..and couldn't help noticing the clouds look so beautiful did you capture that?
Bliss - Good for you!!!
tami - why am i not shocked that you perfectly captured this wonderful event! and what an awesome event to be a part of! i hope to join next year!
Melissa Van Hook - A beautiful job, as usual, Melissa! You really understand how to capture the feel of an event. The photos of your nephews holding hands (especially of the little boy looking at his shadow), and the final photo of Noah and Jack brought tears to my eyes. You rock our autism world!!
Natalie - Thanks Lis for organizing this! You are the best sister and aunt ever. Your love always comes shining through!!
Maria Nissen - What a great event. You captured the heart of it for your family and for the rest of us. Thanks.