MattDJ - It's posts like these that make your blog classic. Sweetness! :-)
Karey Michelle - Brilliant! Couldn't have said it better myself. I thought the same exact thing about a massage every week but non-photographers just look at me like, yah, sure nice excuse! It's so true :)
Jeff Gandy - I love this post. Wish I would have thought of it. My main camera is a Canon MarkIII with a 70-200 lens. I also have a setup like in your image over my shoulder for wide angle shots as well. Believe me, I feel your pain. I just bought a tilt table and it has helped, but you can't beat a good message.
Tawnya - Having a Chiropractor for a husband is the best. After a long day of shooting, or a wedding, I usually come home, fill up my "foot tub" with warm water and a homemade foot soak and let my feet soak for about 20 minutes, while I lay back with ice in the areas that are hurting. Then I get some rest and in the morning, I always ask my husband to check me for an adjustment- it is awesome. Not to mention that the massage therapist in his office is honestly one of, if not the best massage I have had- his massage table is connect to the music and he incorporates sound therapy into his bodywork. I am so happy to hear that you are taking care of yourself- preventative and maitenance care re so important in our industry.
Cameron Clark Photography - AMEN, sister!
Laura Evans - Oh man - so true! Guests always comment on how much gear I'm toting and how heavy it must be. I smile and say, "Oh it's not so bad," and then I'm totally wiped the next day - esp. shooting for 12.5 hrs like I did last Sat. If you are thinking of getting a massage, DO IT!! It really helps! Just make sure you get an actual therapeutic massage - not a fluffy one. They'll be able work out all the kinks and you'll feel sooooo much better!!!
Lisette Price - Ohhh I hear you on this one! After a long wedding I sometimes feel like I cannot even get out of bed the next morning because I'm sore all over. A massage would be just perfect! :)
Marnee - Now if we can only figure out a way to write off the massage as a business expense... I'm definitely showing this to my hubby. I always beg for not only a neck and back massage, but foot massage after every wedding. 8-9 hours on your feet carrying that much weight even in the most comfortable shoes kills me as well.
Armin - Yep, it's a physical job for sure! Funny you mentioned the massage. One of my former brides is a massage therapist & offered her services to me & Denise as a gift!
Parris Whittingham - This stuff is really a workout...especially if you like to shoot with the 70-200 hahaha! Peace, Parris Whittingham - New York Wedding Photographer
Casey Figlewicz - That's what I need! That is the best idea ever. Sign me up, once a week.
Jennifer Bowen - That has been my treat to myself after several weddings for awhile now. It is just brutal on our bodies. I've developed a bad case of tendanitus in my wrist which flares after each wedding so those massages definitely help smooth things out! Im glad you are treating yourself girl, you deserve it!
Krista Photography - You're not kidding!
Christina LeMarr - SOOOOO with you on that!! Add on bigger lenses or other misc stuff, it can get heavier!! I all for foot massage too!!
Joanna - This is so true! My boyfriend keeps telling me I should go to the gym to left some weights. That that would help me make me hurt less after each wedding. Maybe I should listen. Or maybe just get a massage after each wedding. ;)
Vanessa Ard - Yes! I'm not the only one who feels this way! (I love that you worked in a tip/hint for brides too! Hahaha!) I usually am carrying two cameras at least until the reception - it adds up!
Benny - LOL. Right on. I completely agree with you on this. :-)
Chris Young - Oh my goodness, you totally hit the nail on the head. I feel so beat up, my feet ache, and my wrist is killing me after a wedding. I second you on the chiropractic appt and a nice massage! Great idea!
sara from whitebox - i hear ya girl! mel and i trade with an amazing massage therapist, but he is quitting his practice to go to PT school. : ( gotta find a new person to trade with!
Bliss - We have telepathy, Melissa!!! I' ve just been looking for a good massage center in my city, not only because of the carrying thing, but also for the time I spend this time of the year in front of the computer. My neck aches so much!!
Nikaela Curtis - Genius. Pure genius.
DanCL - it's 1:15 AM and I just arrived from the Canada Day concert on Plaines d'Abrahams here in Québec city... and I can tell you... you're SO right :S my back is killing me! I hope the pictures will be good at least :) good night!
Jamie Delaine - Oh man, I had a wedding today and was thinking the same thing. I was using the 70-200 lens for two hours straight; usually I only use it for 20 minutes during the ceremony and there is SUCH a difference. I swear my back felt like it was going to give out on me. I was so happy when I got to put my small prime back on!
Crystal Goss - Girl, I am WITH you!!! I have been telling my hubby this for 2 years. I'm going to make him read this post! ;) Lovin' it!
Jamie Hammond - What do you need to multiply that all by if you're 8 months prego? At my last shoot, I had a really hard time getting up off the sand and was ready to tell the family just to leave me there :) I don't think I'll be shooting much more before the baby!
Laurel Sexton - I'm so glad to here that you faithfully see your chiropractor. I have this same problem quite often and I'm fortunate enough to have chiropractors for parents. Keeping everything in the place it should be is quite a trick but it helps tons!!!
Amanda - Ok - so last year I purchased a new camera bag to help me "consolidate" my gear and make it more portable. Well it turned out to be one of those enabling purchases like "hmm this bag has SO much room!" Well - 3 lenses another body and various accessories later I realize B&H should have included a sherpa rental package when they sold this bag to me. I'm actually thinking about weighing it now just to see... My left bicep is totally beastly compared to my noodly right arm. Massage = GREAT idea.
Kelli - Lol, this is so perfect. I completely understand this!!! Everyone always tells me I'm going to have back problems and can't believe how much my gear weighs, especially this weekend when I was in Mexico at an orphanage with a group of people, I didn't go anywhere without my backpack! They all thought I was crazy. Once I traded a shoot for a 2 hour heavenly massage with a very pro massage therapist. Soooo worth it!
Chung Nguyen - I love your subtle "hint" for brides. It's not just for brides, but anyone can give a photographer in their life a massage gift certificate. Heavenly.
Wayne Toshikazu - I had my first shoot ever at the end of April of this year (engagement shoot at the beach) and was surprised at how physically demanding even that two hour episode turned out to be. Two weekends ago I shot my first two weddings and this time it really hit me just how physically demanding our type of work is. I'm definitely determined now to maintain regular physical exercise as part of the job. I didn't think about the massage thing though. Might have to consider that now. :-) Great post!
Tira J - Oh my goodness! I did a shoot on Saturday and was dying of neck and shoulder pain by midnight. And when you are shooting with the 70-200mm, oh my heavens! Not to mention the few mosquito bites I have all over my arms (because we were up at Mt. Baldy). I will definitely be checking out Massage Envy, as I think they just opened one by my house.