michaelandcarina - Nice work! You have been in the business for a while and the quality of your work is consistently outstanding! Inspirational! :)
Joshua Gene - Two hour breaks can be nice sometimes. I hope you were able to go somewhere with A/C while you were waiting. Nice pics, but that's a given with you.
Lily P. - Hey Melissa! I was directed to come and take a look at your blog! Beautiful work! You're in my blogs to watch for sure!
Cameron Clark Photography - cool dress. Where is it from?
mark brooke - these are all beyond amazing! i love them all! I cant wait to see more posts. -candice
Matt D - Super Job! (as always). Matt.
Rodolfo Arpia - Hi Melissa, I missed the Q&A you did for Pictage but I got your blog RSSd now. Great photos as usual! Cheers!
jamie burnett photography - Amazing work! I just discovered your blog and am amazed! Hope to meet sometime! -jamie
Jeff, La Vida Creations - Selena + Dad = AWESOME image. :) Great work! I also really liked the overall group shot. You must have had a blast at this wedding!
MattDJ - Stunningly beautiful wedding MJ!! I wish I could have seen your client's faces when they saw your images. :-)
Tira J - Wonderful job Melissa! Loved the enjoyed slideshow! My favorite pic was of Grandpa in the wheelchair ~ classic!
angie + matt sloan - Great Job Melissa! Those are the cutest Bridesmaid dresses!
Cristi - well done! :)