Daniel Fuentealba - great work! congrats to Sarah and you of course ;)
Mary Basnight - GREAT cards....did I say that? They are better then GREAT, they are fantabulous!!!
Trina Knudsen - I LOVE the SD300!
Kristen - Love, love, love these! Just something else to look forward to in the future-he, he!
Christina LeMarr - OMG Those are rockin!!!! I loooove those!!! As a graphic designer I loooove to look at things like that all day!! Saweeeet!!
sara from whitebox - these are hot! i love the long vertical ones. very new and fresh!
Melissa B - These are fabulous. So creative!
Rachel Brooke - Okay, WOAH! These are really amazing.
Megan - Those are Hot!
Tira J - Love, Love, Love! Which vendor are you using for this size?
Annette@Swanky Tables - Fab and Chic!!
Kelly - How awesome are these? I love the modern romance !
Dennis - Wow! These are fantastic Melissa!
Bliss - Wow! Love them! Creativity is your motto :)