MarcoG - Indy, the answer is in this sentence: "I place my subjects' backs to the sun in the spot where the sun is still hitting their heads but the bulk of the background is shaded." The background should have a brightness comparable to the subject, otherwise you get a wash-out or silhouette effect trying to properly expose one or the other.
Indy - I've been trying the back lighting, but how do you still achieve so much color and contrast in the faces? When I expose for the faces the back washes out or the opposite effect is a silhouette. *sigh* Any help is GREATLY appreciated. :o)
MattDJ - That second shot is classic Melissa Jill all the way!! :-)
shawnreeder - This is my favorite type of lighting as well Melissa. Its what I always look for first. Beautiful shots. Love the last one.
Arden Ward - I love this style lighting and the lens flare is a personal fav of mine! You have a talent for lighting!
mike - Hi Melissa, what was your iso set at? Beautiful pictures by the way.
Jamie Delaine - Great post Melissa! Jasmine did a similar one a few weeks back. It's true that the light makes the photo. Full-shade photos can be so boring sometimes, the sun is added interest.