Kaci Lou - These are so stunning! Adding this place to my bucket list now. Congrats, I am so happy you are getting married after capturing so many love stories you now have an amazing one of your own <3
Trina - I am SO excited for you two!! Huge congrats! I hope your wedding is everything you have always dreamed and more! Hugs!
Alicia - This makes my heart so ridiculously happy for you! :)!
Karen - so .... third image from the bottom ... the B&W ... does it remind anyone else of one of the James Bond movies ... they're walking out of the desert after everything has been blown to bits. :) ... LOVE it! Definitely looks like you spent 3 hours in sunset beauty! I'm SO behind on everything - by now you're married!!! Congrats & best wishes! <3
Gina - Oh my wow!
Emily - These are SO STUNNING! Gorgeous work, Daniel, and congrats to you, Melissa!! Such an exciting time!
Denise Karis - All three of you pretty much nailed it!! So sweet!!! xoxo
Kari - It might just be the new baby hormones raging through my body but these photos brought tears to my eyes!!!! I am just so happy for you & these photos are beyond beautiful - happiness & love are just radiating from both of you. This is my fav blog post ever of yours.... until the wedding post that is!!! Love you friend!
Mary - Love love love! Everything. So happy for you :)
Aubrey - Epic! So incredibly happy for you, Melissa ??
Sarah C Bradshaw - Melissa!!!!! These are SO PERFECT!!!