barbara grace - I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful relationship beginning - the best is yet to come! Blessings to you both!!!
Suzanne Searle - I'm so happy for you, Melissa (and for Bruce)! What a wonderful story and I wish you both all the best. You deserve it!
Nancy - Melissa: I am so very happy you have found such a deep man to share your life with. Best Wishes.
Amy - Congrats Melissa, what a wonderful story and I wish you both the very best! Trent and I found each other living in different states as well and we didn't let that stop us! He also moved out to Arizona and we haven't looked back! xoxo
Rachael Koscica - Melissa, Congrats on your engagement!! I'm SO happy for you!!!! What an exciting, joyful time for you. Enjoy every minute! God is so good, I'm so happy He brought you two together. Blessings to you both, can't wait to see photos from your very own special wedding day. With love, Rachael
Brittany - Melissa! I've been following you for years! And this is SO exciting! My husband and I also had letters like this that we saved until our wedding night to gift to each other. They are precious reminders in the hard times and a blissful encouragements in the best times! I'm praying even now that your marriage is blessed beyond your wildest dreams just as your desire for a husband has been! How faithful and GREAT is our God!! Congratulations!
Lynn Cobb - Congratualtions MJ... I am so genuinely happy for you. You have the sweetest soul. Of all relationship journeys that I have heard about “chance meetings”, this one is quite the opposite. It is the most purposeful and planned relationship I have ever heard. Absolutely incredible!
Eleanor Edwards - Congratulations! I am so happy that you found the one that completes you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and truly God has blessed the both of you!
Karen - Soooooo, I've been waiting to read this for awhile. CONGRATS!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!! .... and if Bruce has extra time after expanding the photobooth company, he could moonlight as a wedding vow writer. :)
Danielle Panettiere - Wow!!!! What a beautiful and very thoutful letter. This is such a beautiful post. I have read your blog over the last 10 years and followed your amazing business adventures.. I can’t even express how happy I am for you!!! What an incredible worlwind leading up to your engagement. So beautiful and so special! Congratulations to you and your fiancé! ????
:) camille - That letter. Wow! What a gift he is to you, and what a gift you are to him. I’m so happy for you! Love!
Anna Padilla - This is soooo fun to read! I'm so happy for you two Melissa! I'm glad you shared your plans after the wedding because I've been wondering where you will live! ;-)
Denise Karis - I'm so happy for you both!! All my love for your new lives together! xoxo
Cinnamon - I LOVE THIS!! My husband and I also met on Christian Mingle and lived a ways apart. Same state but still pretty far away. We were also in our mid-30's and I had determined that God's plan for my life was singleness. This is such an amazing story and a testament to both of your faithfullness to follow God's will for your life even though it may have looked different than what you wanted. I am so happy he has provided you both with the desire of your heart! Congratulations!!!
Maggie - Congratulations!! I so excited for you both! What a beautiful letter - brings such happy tears to my eyes. Wishing you both the very best <3
Christy Tyler - This brought me to tears!! I'm so happy for you both! What a beautiful story and I can't wait to see your even more beautiful future unfold! <3