Dave Chic - You mention over-exposing in the b&w photos above of the bride and groom sitting to compensate for the bonfire and twinkle lights. I totally get it. But what I'd love to know is how are you metering in camera? Are you using a full meter or a spot meter? Could you be spot metering their faces in order to expose them properly and then recompose the shot? I just get so thrown off by tricking my camera away from the center of the meter. It's just so counter-intuitive sometimes! ;) LOVE ALL YOU DO FOR US!
Melissa Jill - Hi Dave! Good question. Spot meter can work, but I just learned using evaluative metering. For me it's just easy to know I need to overexpose by one full stop when there are lights within the composition. Either method can work just depending on what feels most comfortable for you!
Regina - In the group shot where did you have your focal point? I couldn't believe you shot that at f5! It looks great! Thanks for the information!
Melissa Jill - Hi Regina! My focal point would have been on one of the people on the end of the group who was closest to me. I talk about this topic more in this post: http://www.melissajill.com/blog.cfm?postID=1321&photographing-group-portraits-that-are-in-focus :)