Erika - Hi, if I spot meter subjects face and see a reading at +1, do I shoot from there or do I zero out and then shoot?
Hoang - I re-read your answer and I think I meter my subject first then press the shutter. I don't press the shutter button half way down since I use the back button to focus. What you describe was you press the shutter button half way down first, then meter. I guess you press it half way down not to focus but to lock the exposure, then dial to increase or decrease exposure to your taste. Not sure if that's why my metering fluctuates and yours doesn't.
Hoang - Thank you Melissa
Hoang - Hi Melissa, Thanks for a great article. I have a question about zeroing the meter. Using evaluative metering, I found that even when the meter is zeroed, if I move it just an inch left, right, up or down on the subject, the exposure constantly fluctuates so I switch to spot metering which helps a little bit but the meter still fluctuates. I guess that's just a starting point then it's up to me to increase or decrease the exposure based on what I like
Melissa Jill - Hi Hoang! Yeah, spot metering can work well for some people. I don't really see the fluctuation with evaluative metering, probably because I'm only pushing the shutter half down right before taking the shot and then I adjust my shutter speed and take the photo. After that I don't mess with my settings at all until I change locations. So I'm not looking at my meter after that point for awhile.