Cindy - My husband's mom, aunt and grandmother all passed away from Cancer. Whether genetics or toxins, it makes me very aware for my daughters. I think there are so many diseases that are linked to these same issues! I love and work with doTERRA essential oils as well for natural alternatives for our healthcare and cleaning. Love having products that empower us rather than endanger our lives!
Tori Watson - my grandma died of cancer at 70 and that felt way too young to me. it was an incredibly hard loss. while i haven't read this book, i've been making changes over the last several years to continue to reduce toxins and chemicals in our home, but i still feel overwhelmed sometimes. as a parent, now, i have to fight fear all the time of if i'm doing "enough" to keep my son healthy and prevent him from illness. even feeling hopeful and empowered, do you ever struggle with the fear of all that you know and all the things you still want to change? ultimately, of course, i have to just trust that God is good and over all....but my biggest struggle is definitely just not focusing on the fear (especially when money is tight and we can't buy organic, etc).
Melissa Jill - Absolutely, it can feel very overwhelming, Tori. Especially since there is so much that we DON'T have control over as far as the toxins we are exposed to. This book was definitely eye-opening and also caused me to feel frustrated and angry at the state of things. Especially initially, I felt overwhelmed by all the changes I knew I needed to make. But I gave myself some grace to just work toward improvements over time. I still have a list I'm working through. And I feel like I'm just beginning on a journey of learning and growth in this area. Like many things -- the more I learn, the more I realize I have to learn. But with every change I am feeling more hope and less fear. And I can't wait for more people to become aware of the issues we're facing in our environment and our medical system so that more systemic change can happen.
Tawnya - I am so happy this book has enlightened you and that you are sharing with your readers. Education is key! I wanted to mention one area that is overlooked by women is feminine care products. I thought I would comment about them, incase one of your readers isn't aware of this. Tampons and pads are laced with SO many toxins. I have found a menstrual cup that works well and I have been using one for almost 8 years. But if that isn't your thing, I would highly urge the use of organic cotton tampons/pads. The skin in the female reproductive areas is highly sensitive as you can imagine and absorbs things very easily. I remember in 1999 I was making my own laundry detergent and EVERYONE I knew made fun of me and called me a hippie granola.... now, I can say I am happy that more and more people are seeing that the chemicals in our EVERYDAY products are slowly making us ill and sometimes ultimately killing us. It does take change and change doesn't always come easy. I will always have room to learn, grow and improve. Thanks again for sharing with your readers! Hugs!
Sarah C Bradshaw - My mother is one of the top Norwex consultants in the country! She's super passionate about reducing toxicity in our daily lives, and I'm working to make steps in that direction, as well!
Melissa Jill - So cool Sarah! Loving their products so far!!
Jessamyn - I love your passion, Melissa! Thank you so much for sharing how this book is impacting your journey forward. I am excited to read it!