Tatyana - Ahh his first look expression! Incredible.
Shiloh Robertson - I have never seen a photo taken by Melissa that I didn't immediately like - but I think it's safe to say that these might be my favorite!! ?? Looking through them brought tears to my eyes! Someone once told me "you might not remember your wedding as much through your eyes as you will through your photographers lens" and seeing them through Melissa's lens is INCREDIBLE! I could not be more happy about these photos and I will probably be that crazy person stopping random people in the street to say "can I show you some pictures??" Thank you Melissa, your talent and hard work has given me one of the most precious gifts I could have ever asked for- being able to look back on my wedding day and see all the moments so elegantly captured by you! We love you so much!!!
Dianne Curran - This wedding was VERY emotional for me. As I viewed these pictures I felt emotional again. At first I thought I felt like this because Shiloh is my eldest grandchild. But I believe we experienced God's very holy presence at this wedding at many of us felt His presence through our tears.