A Merry Moment - Great tip Melissa! I don't do this enough, need to remind myself to do it on my next shoot.
Ramya Reddy - Thanks for sharing valuable information it is very useful for me and also useful for who wants more information about candid wedding photography.
Amy - What were your on camera and off camera flashes set to? 1/8? 1/16?? Manual flash or TTL? I am trying to make my reception pictures more fun and loved reading your post but still drawing a blank on achieving better party pics!!
Melissa Jill - Hi Amy! Great questions! There is so much to know about off-camera flash! I can’t cover it all in one post, but the free video series linked at the bottom of this post is a great place to start, and then I also sell an eBook that is over 100 pages with everything I know about shooting with flash at receptions. It has tons of example images with settings. Here is the link to that: http://www.melissajill.com/photographers.cfm#ebook I shoot with my on-camera flash set to ETTL and my off-camera flash on manual, usually between 1/128-1/32 power, depending on the venue and how far the light stand is away from the dance floor. Hopefully that helps a little, but definitely check out some of my other resources for even more info!