Justin Douglas - Thanks for sharing so much great information! I definitely need to implement a kit as such! What about when they book? Would you give them another welcoming kit?
Melissa Jill - Thanks for your comment Justin! I personally don’t do a booking gift, but I know many photographers who do. Since my new client kit is like a gift, I don’t feel the need to do another one so soon after booking.
Sam - I'm in love with your blog and branding! I really appreciate the posts you have for other photographers! I just started out and finding your blog feels like finding a unicorn.
Melissa Jill - haha! Best comment ever! Thanks Sam!
Lynsey - Wow!! This helped me realize the steps that I want to take. I was so lost on how I wanted to do this, and this post just helped me nail down a couple more ideas. Thank you for sharing!
Sally-Ann Taylor - WOW... I am so excited to build this idea into my own business!! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ways to make clients feel special!
ANDREW - Thanks for sharing Melissa. You are a breath of fresh air for the photography industry!
Melissa Jill - Sweet of you to say, Andrew! Thanks!
Mariana A Feely - 90% of my client meetings are on Skype. My target market lives far from me but they grew up in this area and are getting married here. So how could I present something like this to them when our communication is online ?
Melissa Jill - That's a great question Mariana! I do Skype meetings as well. When a client doesn't meet with me in person, I only give them the digital .pdf versions of the content included in the kit.
Joyce - This was awesome information, thank you for sharing! I've been working on a magazine for my bridal clients but I think this is much better!
Maite Perez - This is such a cute idea :) This definitely inspires me to upgrade my welcome gift!! Thanks for sharing, as always :) <3 Maite
Crystal Lee - I love this!! I have been searching for boxes like this for months. Definitely going to check out the Container Store! Thanks! :)
Sanaz H - Wow!!! Amazing idea and tip!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!! Wow wow wow!!
Laura Olsen - Oh goodness, I love this. A similar idea has been on my list to do since last year and I think you've given me the kick start to finally get it finished. Being in Canada, things are always harder to source, but I'm sure I can do it ;).
Melissa Jill - Yay! That’s great to hear Laura! I’m sure you can come up with something awesome!
Valerie - Love this. Just those classy touches that make them love you right away. Of course they love your work so this is perfect.