Caia Grace - I think I keep getting hung up on making sure the vendors credit me as the photographer, and it keeps me from actually sharing photos with them. This was exactly the advice i needed today! Thank you!
The Lopes Photography - Yesss, love this insight + the reminders! ?
Cody McCracken - I really appreciate this article! This should help me a lot!
Cody McCracken - Thanks so much for the helpful information!!
Becky Hassel - I love this! I try to always send images to vendors and the venue. Even when I do venue tours, I take tons of photos and send them to the venue afterwards. After reading this though, I'm going to be making them albums of my favorite weddings we work together on. What an incredible idea!
Kasey Mantiply - Love this idea! Never though about it before, so insightful. Thanks for the great tips!
Anna Brace - I see so many of these! I've started emailing the vendors before the wedding and asking if there's specific images they're needing for their business that I can attempt to get at that wedding. They're usually super stoked because there's usually a few specific images they're looking for. It has really gone far to help my business!
Melissa Jill - I love the idea Anna! Thank you for sharing!
Tila - You do realize that photographers, like the vendors, are also running a business right? Why should vendors continually expect to get free images without paying? Now you’re recommending that not only photographers give away the images for free, each and every time, but to spend more money out of their pockets to make albums and products for the vendors too? To each their own but that’s a bit over the top
Crystal Lee - "Oftentimes photographers are overly protective of their work." This is SO true! I see the watermark argument all the time and it just seems so silly to me. Treat your vendors well and they will reciprocate. :)
Zsuzsi - This is fantastic! Thank you for the insight. Networking sometimes is missed when I am insanely busy.
Steph - So much YES to this! I create wedding invitations and love nothing more than receiving high quality, styled detail shots of the stationery from the wedding day. I happily share and credit the photographer! The relationships that have been formed from the simple photo share have been super beneficial for my business. Connecting audiences is so valuable!
Bernadette Fischer - YES YES YES!!! As a calligrapher I FLIP for photos from the wedding's photographer. I will share them, tag them, etc. I love networking and photographers hold the key. I will be sharing this, and don't forget your invite designers and calligraphers!!!
Melissa Jill - Absolutely Bernadette! Thanks for weighing in!