e - Congratulations! I just had my ten year bloggiversary as well! Please take a look! And please read about me before you read anything else on the blog. Elana
Miguel de Maria - Very cool and inspiring. I remember talking to you about this around 10 years ago. It is hard for me to imagine anyone cares what a guitar player thinks, but hearing that you had similar doubts gives me a kick in the rear to get going on it.
Lynn Cobb - Hello MJ - I think you say "earth shattering" things all the time :)) Seriously!! Just sayin'... Hey - I have a Wordpress Site so I usually write a post and usually hit publish (or sometimes schedule the post). Do you write a whole bunch of posts at once & then schedule them? If so, what program do you use?
Melissa Jill - haha -- thanks Lynn! :) I don't have any blog scheduling software I use. I typically don't blog a ton in advance, but if I do, I just come back and hit publish when I want the post to go live.
Jess Kornacki - I love this post! Seeing how far you have come in ten years is absolutely inspiring, and truly gives me hope on my own journey. I will be making my own 30 day blogging calendar now to force myself to do this. Thank you.
Melissa Jill - Awesome Jess! So great to hear!
Brock Martin - Very cool, Melissa, congrats!
Melissa Jill - Thanks Brock! That means we've been working together for over 8 years!
Deborah Zoe - What an accomplishment -- congratulations Melissa!! (And great thoughts on blogging too!!)
Melissa Jill - Thanks Deborah! :)
Kari Jeanne - If it wasn't for your blog my life would be a lot different - I wouldn't have you or Align in it!!! So I am extra thankful you started this journey 10 years ago. Love you my beautiful friend!
Melissa Jill - Awww...thank you for this sweet reminder. Love you friend! So thankful God (and my blog) brought you into my life! xo
Rhiannon - Congrats to you my friend! I started my blog a little over 7 years ago and feel so many of the same sentiments as you. I can't even imagine how the big 1-0 must feel. Celebrating with you from a far :)
Melissa Jill - THANK YOU Rhiannon! Congrats on 7 years! That is huge!
Leigh Jess - Thank you so much for this blog posting and congratulations on 10 years! You are doing wonderful! It is so kind that you share your successes and tips with others. I can't wait to sit down tonight with a glass of wine and build myself a blogging schedule. You're an inspiration! Thank you!
Melissa Jill - Thank you Leigh! You're sweet! And way to take that step to making blogging easier! You'll love it so much more when you have a plan!
Sara Nevels - Congratulations on 10 years of blogging!! Such an amazing accomplishment and truly an inspiration for anyone who has ever tried and failed, tried and failed...and then tried again. I may or may not be raising my hand right now. ;) Haha. I was anxious awaiting this post after you mentioned it on Instagram yesterday, which just proves the home-base/outpost model. I'm so happy blogging didn't die like so many said it would. It's hard to imagine life and business without it now.
Melissa Jill - Thank you SARA!!! So sweet of you! Thanks for being an important part of my journey! xo