Nathan Walker - Thanks for sharing your comprehensive list. When i meet with couples they ask most of those questions. I think one one the most important things is to show them a full recent wedding so they can judge the consistency of the quality throughout an entire day. A few other questions get asked are, how do you deliver the photos? and do you offer albums? Cheers.
Paul David Smith - This is a really good list, I think I'd add how many photos does a typical client receive in the mount of time we hire you for and in what format do you provide the final images. Also, how big can we print them?
Ashlie - Beautiful Website and great insight! Thanks for all the valuable information. Love your work
Jay Farrell - I agree with most of those. Number one, they should already know the answer to if they went the next step to talk with you....I'd be thinking. um, have you looked at my work? I see second photographers as a working preference of the photographer and not an automatic point of value for the client. I personally don't use them. Insurance is a good call...if more of the venues bothered vetting the pros who work there, that would weed out lots of riffraff :D